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Restaurant fire damage estimated at $200,000 - indian restaurant dishes explained

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Restaurant fire damage estimated at $200,000  -  indian restaurant dishes explained
Police do not believe the $200,000 fire at an Indian restaurant in Launceston yesterday morning was deliberately ignited.
Tasmania state firefighters received an alarm from Wellington Street fire at 3: 00.
Arrive at 30 in the morning to discover the Tandoori market completely lit.
Launceston station official Heath Brasi said two firefighters entered the building wearing a respirator and managed to limit structural damage at the back of the building, where the fire was the worst.
The fire occurred in the restaurant, but fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause.
Bob Baker, a senior police officer at Launceston's criminal investigation department, said the police had made several statements.
"We are still investigating, but at this stage the fire is not believed to be suspicious," he said . ".
Tina and Damish Siddiqui, the owner of the restaurant, tried yesterday to address the damage to their recently renovated business.
Police came out of our house at 4: 00.
"I was 30 years old and took us to the restaurant," said Mrs Siddiqui . ".
"The fire was out when we arrived, but we couldn't believe the mess.
How do you clean things like this? \" she asked.
Mrs. Siddiqui said she did not know if the restaurant would open again or when it would open.
The couple, which runs a second restaurant, the Taj Mahal market in Mowbray, is still open.
18 months ago, they bought the Tandoori Bazaar from the former owner who still owns the building.
Mrs. Siddiqui said that she was not sure what the owner of the building was going to do because the building required a lot of repairs.
She said the same people owned Hobart's Tandoor and Curry House restaurant, which was burned down by a $220,000 fire in April.
Police were summoned to investigate after fire investigators found the fire suspicious.
TFS is expected to complete its report on yesterday's fire by the end of next week.
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