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restaurant equipment dish washing how to convert 208 volt to 220 volt | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
Three-phase 208-Volt electric motors are cheaper and more efficient than 220-volt single-phase motors.For this reason, threeIn industrial and restaurant equipment, phase motors are common, and similar equipment is difficult to find if it is not impossible to findphase motor.The difference in nominal voltage ratings is small to irrelevant, but three-The requirements of the phase motor for the third power leg must be met.Although there is no way to keep these three-Efficiency advantage of phase motor, no need to pay special three-Stage service line, three devices can be converted-Single phase motor-Stage operation.
Service panel circuit breaker off single devicephase, 220-Voltage regulated circuit.
Connect the black line of the power cord to T-3-1 input terminalPhase disconnect.Connect the Red Line to T-2 input terminals and connect the bare wire to three-Phase disconnect.
Connecting wires from T-3 terminals of phase converter to T-Three inputs-Phase disconnect.Connect the second wire from T-2 terminals of phase converter to T-2 output terminals disconnected.Connecting the third wire from T-1 terminal of phase converter to T-1 output terminal disconnected.
Connect the T-1, T-2 and T-3 wires of the motor to the corresponding output of the disconnect.
Connect the ground wire grounded from the motor chassis to the chassis ground of the phase converter and then to the three-Phase disconnect.
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