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restaurant dishes you can make at home how (with pictures) |

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
A seven-The package is a great way to entertain friends while enjoying a variety of small dishes.Seven-Of course, the food is usually formal, but you can arrange it as you like.Since you're offering a lot of dishes, don't invite more people than you can handle.Four to eight people are best for casual parties, although you can invite more depending on the purpose of the dinner and the service ability.
Dishes provided during 7-The package is usually complementary, so the theme is Italian or French.
Seven-The meal usually starts with an aperitif or cocktail, then enters the dinner, and finally the dessert.Typical foods include appetizers, soups, salads, taste cleaners (sorbet), fish, poultry or red meat and desserts.As the meal progresses, the food provided is usually a bit heavy, so a small portion of each dish is served.
Appetizers can be a dish or a variety of small dishes.These can be hot or cold and should give a hint of taste.Some hosts and hostess offer a choice between the thick and clear soup of the second dish.
Taste cleanser removes lingering flavors and prepares the next dish for guests.It should be a neutral flavor with no aftertaste.Citrus-Flavored sorbet such as lemon or lime is a popular taste cleaner.Vegetable dishes can be served together with the main course or individually as a taste cleaner.
A seven-The staff of the family or restaurant usually serve dinner, and the appropriate silverware is taken out for each dish.You should choose a good wine for each dish.Desserts are usually crafted and sometimes the salad is actually the last to help digest.
Start your meal with cocktails, appetizers such as Campari, a bitter drink developed in Milan in 1860, mixed with soda and ice.Light appetizers, including Italian meat and cheese.
In the first dish, you can order bread with tomatoes and Italian herbs.A second course with a hearty riboletta or brodo (broth) for guests ).Eat with salad.
It is important to have a clean taste. citrus sorbet is a great choice for the fourth dish.
The first main course is usually fish, from shrimp scampi to grilled fish steak.Remember, the less large a meal, the better.Poultry or beef is the second main course.Stick to the Italian theme and offer chicken masala or grilled steak with vinegar glaze..
Mascapone with light water jam is a great way to dine.Follow-Drinks, cheese and nuts for dinner.
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