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restaurant dishes under 500 calories italian pasta recipe: tagliatelle with bolognese sauce

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Not only will we see how to cook this first dish, but we will also give information on how many calories are contained in a plate of Italian meat sauce, if your diet is balanced, why should you eat it, when it's best to avoid it, and how to make the dish lighter and more suitable for people on a diet.Fry onions, carrots, celery at low temperatures with butter and extra virgin olive oil;Then add the minced meat, salt, pepper and brown for a few minutes.Next, chop and add tomatoes.3 hours of lid cookingOnce Bologna sauce is ready, Boil Tagliatelle with salt water, drain and season with Bologna sauce, and sprinkle it on the plate with Grana Padano cheese,Due to the preparation of the meat sauce, 3 hours long.
The choice of using meat depends on personal preference.The use of veal makes the taste of the meat sauce more delicate;If you want a stronger flavor, you should add chopped ham or bacon;Or you can add chicken liver to the sauce to make it more delicious.The dishes are ready now.How many calories does Tagliatelle with this sauce have??With the reported ingredients and 320gr pasta for 4 people, we will have 500 calories per serving.
Let's take a closer look at where these calories are: 295 made of egg pasta, 70 made of olive oil, 80 for sauces, 30 from Grana and 25 for the vegetables used to make the sauce.Tagliatelle with Bologna sauce is a full meal because of the high levels of iron, magnesium and the main vitamin b12.Be careful, if you take pasta as the first dish and then eat the second dish, you will increase the amount of calories and protein.
Therefore, after a plate of pasta with Bologna sauce, it is better to match it with a grilled vegetable or orange juice salad.If you want to make a light pasta with a meat sauce, we recommend that you use lean meat such as beef.In fact, 200 grams of this meat provides about 220 calories, 100 less than the minced meat mixed with beef and pork.
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