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by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration approved this Botox (Botox) as an injection drug to improve the moderate to severe frown line or eyebrow line.To ensure the safety of this treatment, we have conducted many trials, our doctors.Reuel Aspacio is at the forefront in introducing this procedure to Las Vegas.
Today, this treatment is now widely used as a temporary repair for these types of frown lines.Botox injections can last six to eight months, and everyone's results are different.Botox injections slow the movement of the muscles, resulting in linesForm tension and fine lines.
By smoothing these fine lines, a person can immediately appear a few years younger after a treatment.The operation takes only a few minutes.You will be asked not to drink and avoid anti-alcohol in order to prepare for surgeryTake inflammatory drugs or aspirin the week before the operation to prevent bruising.Then, our skilled doctor, Aspacio, injected Botox into the muscles to remove wrinkles and make you look as young as you feel.
Injections may cause some discomfort for the time being, but will soon pass.It is best not to rub the area for 12 hours or lie down for three or four hours after surgery, so that the toxin will remain in place and provide better results.The key is to find a good doctor with experience in Botox injection.
We see this as a decisive factor in the success of all of our patients.Dr.Aspacio's experience in managing Botox and history of success have made him the best candidate for Las Vegas to help you find the results you want.When you look in the mirror, whether you're 35 or 60, Botox can help you get the smooth, young face you 've been missing and get you back refreshedBottom line: our board certified dermatologist Dr.
Aspacio has been working with Botox for many years as a cosmetic surgery and his experience in Las Vegas (Botox) cannot match.Best Doctor of Botox
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