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by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
J.R.Perry's love drops will start at eight o'clock P.M. on September 3, 2010 until nine o'clock P.M. on Friday night at KLAV 1230 AM.Now, this station will no longer be the same.
Perry's love drops have arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.His deep, warm, super sexy voice and magnetic charm, as well as unique voice transmission, will bring blessings to the audience.J.R.Perry's love drops will drop the river of unconditional love, refine the word "talking head", blow the dust off the old song, and bring new goodies to the table.
The show will feature an interview with the national music act, the nation's leading corporate executive.The show will touch on topics that really matter to the entire community by making new FMfor listeners.Information for this hourThe entertainment faucet of love will drop down like a rainbow.
These drops will be as bright as the lights of Las Vegas.The show will be a great pipeline to connect with people around the world via live internet.This show will bring you fun, family, focus and future.
With music, joy, style and class catering to people aged 25 and over, this is the center of adults.So lock it in J.R.Perry's love dropped on the KLAV 1230 AM in September 3, 2010, listening and hearing the truth, a conversation about Las Vegas.J.R.Written by J. R. Perry Jrperry3 @ yahoo
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