Restaurant dishes contain more calories than fast-food meals - most unhealthy chain restaurant dis

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Restaurant dishes 'contain more calories than fast-food meals' - most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-12
Restaurant dishes \'contain more calories than fast-food meals\'  -  most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes
Food in British restaurants is "too high" in calories and sits
Down restaurant is less healthy than fast
Research by the British Journal of Medicine suggests that food chains.
Health experts say food should not have more than 600 calories in calories, but in this study, the average calorie in restaurants was 1,033 calories and the average calorie in fast food was 751 calories. food chains.
Researchers at the University of Liverpool analyzed thousands of food from hungry horses and McDonald's.
Their findings are worrying, they say.
The research team looked at more than 13,500 meals on the menu of 21 seats
Restaurants and six fast food restaurantsfood chains.
By using online company information about calorie content, only one of the 10 meals, as recommended by the British Public Health Association, is classified as healthy or under 600 kilocalories.
Nearly half of the meals cost 1,000 kcal or more. Sit-
The possibility of providing a high restaurant down the restaurant is five times as high as before
1,000 thousand calories or more-
Food restaurants, the study found.
Dr Eric Robinson, chief researcher at Liverpool's Department of Psychological Sciences, said the results were "shocking" but may have underestimated the calories consumed by restaurants.
"We don't know the energy intake, but 'clear plates' is a common behavior.
"Our analysis does not include drinks, appetizers, desserts or side meals.
"The average dietary calorie content in the Hungry Horse restaurant is the highest, at 1,358 kcal.
Chain stores such as burning grills, stone houses and hot bars are also following, with an average of 1,200 cards per meal.
KFC topped the list of fast food
An average of 987 calories per meal is served.
McDonald's, Burger King and Subway are all around the big card.
Even if the study compared similar foods, the energy content in the restaurant food was greater.
The average hamburger meal in the restaurant is 414 more than the hamburger meal in the fast food.
Chain food, while the average amount of salad in the restaurant is slightly higher than the fast food salad.
Dr. Robinson said that the difference can be explained by the weight, the ingredients used and the cooking method, but he said that the food industry must make a change.
"What the food industry needs to do is very clear.
They need to take more responsible action to reduce the number of calories they provide.
"The Hungry Horse said it provided everyone with something worth the money.
A spokesman for the chain said: "We have been working to increase the range of low-calorie options, including the recent launch of a dedicated live well range where dishes are less than 600 calories, we are committed to further change.
"The government is currently consulting a plan to introduce mandatory calorie labels in restaurants, takeaways and cafes that may end in the new year.
Kate Nichols, chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, said that restaurants, bars and other hospitality industries are already taking action to reduce calories and provide healthier dishes --
But cost should also be considered.
"The proposal to reduce the size of the dish or limit the heat will be another burden on hard food --
Forcing operators to absorb, resulting in rising prices, corporate investment decline;
Inevitably have a negative impact on the overall customer experience.
Dr. Robinson said the study shows that food eaten at home contains more calories and that problems can get worse as more and more people use online services to deliver restaurant food to their homes.
The study relies on information provided online by food and beverage chains about calorie content.
They rarely offer calorie labels on their menu.
The researchers said it could be fast.
The food industry now offers lower prices
Energy meals and healthier options under pressure from activists.
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