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restaurant dishes as a sidebar sample for a magazine reunion program ideas | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
Have you signed up for the high school youth league committee? do you need ideas?Parties should take you back to your future like time machines --of-Age and friends and acquaintances who share these years with you.Whether it's the fifth or 50 party in your class, there's a way to make sure the event is fun, festive and memorable.
Choose a place that will bring memories to you and your classmates.A restaurant that used to be the most popular gathering place would do a great job.Ideally, there should be a buffet in the restaurant so it will be easier to mix.
Depending on the length of time after graduation, people may need help putting faces and names together.The name tag can solve this problem.To add to the fun, a name tag was also designed to show people's senior photos.
There is a theme that revolves around your year or decade in high school.For example, if you graduate in 1986, there may be a "post-80 s" theme for your class party, including a decoration that evokes pop culture and current events at the time.
Choose songs popular in high school.The band or DJ is the best, but you can also use a cd or MP3 player filled with favorite songs from nice ol.
You need photos of high school banners and mascots.Balloons and ribbons are a good choice because they remind people of prom nights.Be sure to use the color of the school.For example, if they are blue and gold, everything uses blue and gold from your decorations to the center of your napkin and table.
Post the top 10 listings on the wall: from the year you graduated, top 10 songs, top 10 movies and top 10 TV shows.If you can find them, blow up the cover of your high school age magazine and stick it on the wall as well.
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