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restaurant audio recording sound of dishes how to fix your behringer mixer | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-01
Behringer is a German-based audio company that produces mixer and effect processing equipment for live music reproduction, recording and professional disc jockey.When your blender stops working or starts to fail, fixing it usually means removing the blender and cleaning it up.Although basic repairs can be carried out on their own, qualified audio and electronic equipment should be given serious electrical repairs.Trying to overhaul yourself will void the warranty on the mixer.
Power off the mixer and unplug all microphones, speakers and instrument cables from all connectors on the mixer.Unplug the power cord of the mixer.
Remove all the knobs from the mixer.Most knobs can be removed by pulling up directly on each knob.Separate each set of knobs by removing parts from the mixer.For example, store all the volume and push knobs in one plastic bag and store all the balance knobs in a separate bag.Label each bag accordingly to avoid confusion.
Position, loosen and remove the cross screws of all fastening mixer housing.Remove each piece of the mixer housing to display the internal electronics of the mixer.
Blow out all the dust and debris from the blender with a can of compressed air.Pay special attention to the circuit board area inside the mixer and a single transistor on each circuit board.As thorough as possible.
Apply a high-End the audio cleaning solution to a clean rag or paper towel.Wipe all transistors, circuit boards and audio connectors (XLR, quarter-Inch and RCA connectors ).You can replace high alcohol with rubbing alcohol.Although a cleaning solution has been developed specifically for audio electronic components, the final cleaning solution.
Replace the external housing of the mixer, the fixing screws and all the removed knobs and/or buttons.
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