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Resoterra - mexican dishes for restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-11-01
Resoterra  -  mexican dishes for restaurants
The editorial restaurant is a vegetarian bistro that offers some fascinating food for travelers.
The food here continues to surprise guests with its unique taste, which is why this is essentialtry.
The vegetarian paradise here is very friendly and the service is thoughtful.
There are Spanish, Catalan and even Mexican dishes.
The menu is divided into snacks, specials of the day and dinner.
Come here if you want to eat tomato bread, which is very famous among guests.
You can also try almond garlic soup and their snacks.
There is a lot of wine to choose from in the restaurant, so you can have a good time.
Time out this is an extraordinary vegetarian restaurant owned by the president of Slow Food in Barcelona. when they provide delicious and affordable packages, it will open for lunch, you can choose one, two, or three of them from which all are purposeful and attentive, leaving the traditional vegan route-that is, there is a lot of imagination and the use of rediscovered recipes.
There is nothing better than the old idea of vegetarian food.
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