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Red Wine Reduction - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-05
Red Wine Reduction  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
It's easy to make red wine reduction sauce.
All you need is a bottle of high-quality wine and the perfect recipe to get you started.
This article gives 3 recipes that are easy to follow.
In order to reduce the amount of red wine, you need to have a very good glass of red wine.
Don't use cheap wine because the sauce is not good.
There are many variations of this simple sauce, and here we will discuss some recipes for making red wine reduction sauce.
Heat grape seed oil into a pot and add onion.
Cook with low heat until the onion is translucent.
Add chopped celery and carrots and cook until they are soft and cooked.
Then add a hundred miles, garlic, bay leaves, salt and black pepper.
Next, add red wine and chicken at about 30-
Until the liquid is reduced by 40 minutes.
Filter the liquid through the cheese cloth and discard all solids.
Add a small piece of butter each time and stir it until the sauce is smooth.
After adding all the butter, the sauce should be smooth and have a good consistency and glaze.
Check the seasoning and add more salt and pepper if needed.
This is a good steak.
Heat the chicken nuggets in a small pan until they are reduced to half the original volume.
Transfer the stock to the bowl and keep it warm.
Garlic, onion, Baili and tomato sauce.
The original quantity.
Add warm and reduced chicken to this mixture and cook another 15-20 minutes.
Filter the mixture and discard all solids.
Add 1 tablespoon of butter each time until you get a shiny and thick sauce.
The pork tenderloin and lamb chops are delicious.
In a small pan, melt the butter and add chopped onions.
Cook the onion to translucent, but the color is not golden brown.
Add vinegar and cook 2-3 minutes.
Then add dry red wine to make the wine boil in the low flame.
When the sauce is reduced to half, add the veal half milk and stir until the sauce is a bit shiny.
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