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Raw Cat Food - raw meat restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-06
Raw Cat Food  -  raw meat restaurant dishes
Cats are specialized carnivores and require a diet of high protein and little or no carbohydrates to sustain themselves.
Get more information here about raw cat food diet and how to make raw and homemade cat food.
With a large recall of pet food, pet owners realize that commercial cat food may not be the best for your pet.
This is because most pet owners tend to ignore the fact that all cats are obligated carnivores.
After all, aren't we starting to use cats as pets to kill and eat mice, bugs and other unwelcome people in our house and barn?
Raw cat food has recently become prominent because it is close to the cat's diet in the wild, a diet that they naturally adapt to physically.
Can replenish cereals, vegetables and fruits, butter, certain enzymes and essential fatty acids can keep your cat healthy and avoid health problems caused by excessive cooking
Canned cat food processed
Cats can maintain well in a high-protein, low-carb diet.
Therefore, commercial cat food containing high levels of grain and even fruits and vegetables is not suitable for the digestive system of cats and may lead to some health complications.
This includes bladder infections, mouth and gum infections, and heart disease.
While raw meat such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, salmon or tuna is important for cats, you also need to supplement this high-protein cat food with some carbs, like cooked white rice, oatmeal and barley, about 50 grams a day.
Including one or so-
The fifth cup of fiber per day also uses fat diet ingredients such as olive oil or fish oil.
This diet provides a range of health benefits including natural weight control, healthy skin and coat, and naturally clean teeth.
On the contrary, cats who continue to eat low meat or do not eat meat or high carbohydrate diet are prone to health problems such as facial deformity, excessive parasites, bone deformity, and organ dysfunction and problems during pregnancy.
Homemade cat food is easily made with ingredients that local butchers will find.
100 mg B vitamins
Add 3 pounds of cut meat in a bowl, add bones, organs, and skin.
Now add a glass of water and eggs to the mixture.
Use raw egg yolk and cook the protein a little.
Add the rest now.
Vitamin E should be added in powder form, vitamin B-
The complex should be taken in small quantities at the beginning as it has a strong smell.
If you can't get Taurine, then replace the raw heart of 400g (14 oz) with it, preferably the heart of the same animal.
In fact, it's best for your cat to use real food instead of supplements.
If it is too much trouble to make raw cat food, then choose the commercial raw food and frozen dry diet provided by the supermarket.
All you need to do is unfreeze the frozen food and warm it a little to cool down and eat it.
Slightly more expensive than regular dry commercial cat food, raw food can go a long way to ensure the best health of your cat.
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