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quick to plate restaurant dishes surprising things you can make in a rice cooker

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
The humble rice cooker, whether it consumes a lot of rice or not, is one of the reliable home appliances that everyone has.As the mainstay of most Asian families, it has its own quiet corner in the kitchen, ready to roll out a fluffy dish of rice at any time.A standard rice cooker is configured to cook rice, sensing when to lower the rice to the sim, and then eventually reducing the heat to keep the rice warm without overcooking.
This is a clever and simple way to cook, so why only stick to rice?With a little experiment and patience, you can easily cheat that little NonStick to the pot and cook a variety of meals, from one pan to a delicious dessert.Think of it as a slow cooker;It may not be as fast as cooking on the stove, however, if you want to cook your favorite dishes with minimal supervision and simple cleaning, it is definitely worth a try.When you think about making breakfast, the rice cooker may not be the first electrical appliance to think about, but in fact, you can make all kinds of breakfast food in it.
It is perfect to cook a pile of eggs at a time, especially if it comes with a timer.Alternatively, stir a few eggs in your rice bowl, place some frozen or chopped fresh vegetables, cook in a regular setting and taste delicious fried food.The portion size depends on the size of your rice bowl, but with a medium cooker you can easily eat between two or three hungry people.
Some brands do have porridge, if not, you have to play with the ratio of oats and water before you refine the recipe.You can add everything from spices to dried fruits, or even eggs and meat to join the porridge, simply put the oats in the cooker for the night, then open it in the morning and have a quick breakfast.Before cooking, soak dried beans and lentils in your rice bowl for the night.
If the cooker has a timer, you can soak the beans and set the timer to start cooking when you want the beans.When it comes to dried beans, it is assumed that dried beans are soaked overnight and the cooking time can be between 20 and 35 minutes.Cooking time can be extended from 30 minutes to 3 hours if not soaked.
The good thing here is that once the pot is cooked you don't need to stare at it and it doesn't burn as long as you put the right amount of water.Put all your ingredients in your rice bowl and you can choose meat, spices, condiments and broth/water and then open up the normal cooking environment.Once the cooking cycle is over, the rice cooker will automatically enter the "warm" mode;Let's put it for an hour.
This will further slow down the cooking speed of the meat so that you will have the delicious soft meat left and fall off the bones.Simply add your ingredients, add enough water/broth to make the soup and cook it!If you are adding meat, add it later in the cooking time, otherwise it may overcook.Unless this is what you want, continue in this case.
Remember, first of all, dry ingredients, then fresh vegetables and meat, and then frozen vegetables.The rice cooker is a great option to bake in the oven, not to mention saving space.If you want to eat a cake, cheesecake or even a pancake, simply mix the ingredients in a bowl and open the normal cooking cycle.
Cooking usually takes about an hour, and the cooking is done when the fork is cleaned from the edge.You can also dig your own fruit, make your own apple sauce, or make a variety of delicious puddings
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