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Questnet Fraud – how fast can false rumours spread - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-28
Questnet Fraud – how fast can false rumours spread  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
QuestNet is an online direct selling company engaged in pyramid selling mode, and its members benefit from it.
It is a subsidiary of QI and has been in operation for 13 consecutive years and was created by Vijay Eswaran.
The company's main foolproof strategy is based on the fact that after joining Questnet, members can regularly gain monetary benefits through the company's multi-level marketing.
The company is headquartered in several different countries, mainly in many Asian countries as its main base, especially in Asia.
Recently, however, there have been numerous complaints and allegations that Questnet fraud is increasing as companies mislead their members and fail to pay them the benefits they deserve.
To be honest, as a member of QuestNet over the last few years, it is very shocking to see the Questnet fraud rumors surfaced as far as I know, because the company is one of the best MLM companies, pay regularly to its members.
There is really no real point in Questnet fraud rumors.
The company is committed to a model and strategy that will benefit its members in any case.
The main idea of Questnet has always been to buy a certain product from a company and sell it to someone inside your network to make a profit.
Most of the rumors and statements that follow are only the result of a handful of members who are unable to really understand Questnet's strategy and functionality in the first place.
This may have made them target Questnet and blame the famous company itself.
In addition, another reason for Questnet fraud claims is the unease of rival companies.
Many companies are trying to start a similar business model after Questnet, but can't really achieve membership base and success like Questnet itself.
As a result, competitors began to discredit Questnet by spreading such false rumors and complaints on the World Wide Web.
Another reason why you should not believe the rumors of Questnet fraud is that the existing members of QuestNet themselves feel that QNethas did deliver on their promises, provide monetary benefits, and encourage other businesses and take advantage of it.
The counter-claim on Questnet fraud was spread by members who failed to get any benefit or actually did not learn how to invest wisely in QuestNet.
Over the past few years, Questnet has gained a great reputation through its members and other critics who believe it is one of the best MLM companies to date.
Discredit the image of such a well-known company, known for its great transparency in its work strategy, which is indeed immoral, and the strategy adopted by rival companies is undermining the company's trust in its members
QuestNet should also consider carefully granting people membership from now on.
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