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queen anne bone china tea set value come to tea: an elegant garden gathering

by:Two Eight     2019-08-20
queen anne bone china tea set value come to tea: an elegant garden gathering
Maybe nothing is more important than having a "Garden Party. . . tea . . .
This is a fascinating reminder of the past days. . . . . .
A wide variety of outdoor spaces. . . . . .
Maybe there's nothing better than having afternoon tea outdoors.
This is a fascinating reminder of the past days and childhood --believe.
A variety of outdoor spaces, including balconies, can be successfully adapted to the Tea Party.
The tea party spans generations, and all the giggle little girls of your most sophisticated female friends or acquaintances will love it.
What is the elegant tea party?
Look at these factors.
Flowers plan to host your tea party when your garden is in full bloom ---
May be the season of lilac flowers, June is the season of roses, maybe the season of peony.
Be sure to cut some flowers for the coffee table vase.
If you don't have a garden, buy a bouquet of flowers at the farmer's market, or stop in front of the country ditch and pick a bunch of wild daisies and Queen Anne's lace.
Invitation letter send handwritten notes by snail mail.
Your guests will recognize your party as an elegant thing and dress accordingly!
Tea is usually around 4 p. m. --
Perfect Day
Flowers in full bloom.
Children are invited to bring a doll or teddy friend.
The more elegant the table is.
Hide the paper table and plastic glasses today.
Instead, use crisp linen tablecloths, cloth-pressed napkins and your best bone-to-bone cups and pans.
If it's a little girl party, you might want to invest in two or three mini tea sets.
Try to have enough seats for everyone.
Consider taking your straight
Outdoor dining chairs.
They can add an elegant touch, whether it's undecorated or a chintz covered with flowers.
Hats encourage all your guests to wear hats-big-
Brim side, soft, blooming.
If the party is for little girls, collect old hats, scarves and silk flowers at thrift stores, yard sales or discount stores.
Decorate hats as an interesting activity at the party.
You can also include a box of flowers casting-
Dress up.
Including \ "growth-
Shoes and old jewelry--
Anything that makes the little guy feel elegant.
Tea time is an interesting way to introduce "elegant party" etiquette to young people.
Food other than teaspoons, no tableware is needed for tea.
Sandwiches and sweets should be delicious. food.
Try a sandwich with parsley, cucumber or egg, remove the shell and cut it in a few quarters.
The traditional sweets are sugar cookies and snacks.
You can replace the mini.
Cupcake or pie.
In the seventh grade housekeeping class, the first thing I learned was how to make a proper pot of hot tea, but it was many years ago.
Tea, I suspect.
Production is becoming a lost art.
Tea is actually a common name for a plant: Camillia sinesis.
Three basic types of tea-
Black, green, oolong--
It is distinguished by the amount of oxidation experienced by tea.
More than 3,000 varieties of tea in the world are derived from these three basic types. Herbal teas --
More appropriately, tisane or infusion--
Made from a variety of flowers, herbs, bark, berries, fruits and spices.
At least traditional tea and caffeine for guests-
Free herbal selection.
Milk (not cream!
), Sugar and fresh lemon horns.
So, clean up your teacup and your manners and sit down with your girlfriend for a proper tea party.
This is a lovely summer episode!
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