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Qnet Scam: Basless and fake allegations. - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
Qnet Scam: Basless and fake allegations.  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
QuestNet is one of the most famous direct selling companies in the world. it has a superior customer base and creates a huge income.
This is an online company that is committed to the MLM model, thus benefiting its members and giving them more returns.
This is a subsidiary of Vijay Eswara, president of QI company.
Once a member becomes part of Qnet, he can get regular monetary benefits and bonus packages due to the company's multi-level marketing strategy.
The main goal of the company has always been to allow members to earn as much revenue as possible from the company.
The main process of Qnet is to sell their products directly to members, and members sell the products to others for compensation and rewards.
But now whenever you turn on the TV or read the news on the Internet, Qnet makes headlines, but since some members and social activists claim that the company is a big fraud, the reason this is wrong is just to cheat people with its strategy.
Some complaints also listed Qnet scams as "expected" content for MLM companies.
The Qnet scam rumors really don't make any sense, especially for myself.
As we all know, the company has been profitable for its members with the products provided.
Even if the strategy you see is foolproof, it's perfectly ethical in terms of standards.
According to me, the main reason we see such rumors and unfounded allegations is simply because some members of the company are not able to make the most of their investment in Qnet, instead, it chose to discredit it by spreading false rumors.
Also, as far as I know, QNet is one of the first active MLM companies, and many others follow suit after following this strategy.
They do their best to get as many members as possible to match Qnet and to be consistent on Qnet, but this is not entirely possible.
So instead, they choose to discredit the company by spreading and encouraging false allegations about the company, thinking that the company is not good for people, or that it is a big fraud.
Fortunately, some members like me have been persuading some members who care about these unfounded allegations and urging them not to believe that it is false because there is any price for it.
So far, several other members have shown complete confidence in protesting the qnet scam and marking it as false and untrue claims.
Due to the stable support of its members, Qnet is still one of the best MLM companies to date, especially after the start of 1998.
It will only take some time for rival companies to realize exactly how strong Qnet is, and only then will these false accusations begin to disappear out of thin air.
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