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Qnet has been in the industry since 13 years - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
Qnet has been in the industry since 13 years  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
Qnet is an active health and lifestyle organization established in 1998 to enrich the lives of customers around the world.
Loyalty and satisfaction triggered by innovation and elite force products, combined with local,
Qnet's ground support and services make it a global direct selling company with Asian traditions.
By providing a mature business opportunity to promote the company's products, Qnet also represents a promising and rewarding career for entrepreneurs to work for themselves, earn extra or only income.
Qnet is driven by the mission of "improving yourself to help humanity" (RYTHM.
This view is reflected in a number of broad educational, environmental, cultural and disaster relief humanitarian initiatives that were facilitated by the company's RYTHM Foundation, the corporate social responsibility unit.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, Qnet has grown globally for more than a decade and has millions of satisfied retail customers and independent distributors.
The company is a major subsidiary of QI Group, an international Group company.
The business scope of Qijia group includes direct sales and e-commerce.
Business, lifestyle and leisure, investment and property management, training and conference management, telecom and luxury goods and collectibles.
Qnet is one of the pioneers of e-commerce.
Through its global business and localization company, Qnet is a member of various industry organizations such as the Singapore Direct Selling Association (DSAS), the Malaysian Association of direct sellers (MDDA) and the Malaysian Institute of Business Ethics (BEIM ).
Events such as the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), the Dubai Festival of direct sales and the World Federation of direct sales associations (WFDSA) World Conference.
In the past three years, the company has been identified by the Hong Kong social services commission as a "love company", which praises the company with high standards of organizational practice.
Qnet has also recently been recognized in Indonesia and is one of the industry's leading companies in terms of transparency, product quality and internal and external communication.
In addition, Qnet held a case trust (Storefront) certification for good business practices, which was awarded in 2004 in recognition of fair and ethical business practices, sales and after-sales service
Good sales service
Trained staff
Perfect facilities and honest management.
Qnet is a strong supporter of the growing direct selling industry.
We support the advancement, specialization and promotion of the industry to provide a viable and productive career for people from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.
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