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Puffer Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Puffer Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The porpoise is a unique creature, and it is commendable that it has several unique features.
What's more fascinating is that a fish with so many features can also be very toxic.
The toxin is enough to kill 30 adults.
Surprisingly, tiger sharks are immune to this toxin, so they can swallow it even if the fish is inflated.
The porpoise is one of the most interesting and unusual fish, and it is commendable to have several unique features.
When it feels threatened, it doubles its size by swallowing water or air.
Few people question the fact that porpoise is well known for its ability to inflate, but one must understand that it is an adaptation that can compensate them for their ability not to swim fast.
Don't forget that some porpoise will only see small thorns when they are inflated.
There are more than 120 species of porpoise, most of which live in tropical and subtropical areas.
Tropical regions of the world.
Coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean are home to many species, but are rarely found in cold waters.
Although they usually live in coastal areas, some can even be found in the oceans and deep seas.
They are mainly found in fresh and salty water.
About 39 species living in seawater swim to breed or feed in fresh or slightly salty water.
Similarly, there are about 25 species that live completely in fresh water and never enter the ocean.
«Tetraodontidae's academic name is four major cases involving the porpoise
Fused together to form the size of the upper and lower plates.
They use these specialized teeth to crush the shells of mollusks and shellfish, their natural source of food.
The rounded plump body is one of its main features.
Another unique thing about this fish is that it has a thick and tough skin with tiny thorns rather than scales.
These Thorns go deep into pores.
As long as the fish does not disturb, The Thorn is not obvious.
However, when it finds a predator, it immediately expands to erect the thorn.
Although most species are 3-
The size of 20 inch, some can even grow to a length of 3 feet.
The porpoise is of very old blood.
People think it looks like the sun fish in the past.
In the end, it evolved to look like it belongs to the Bass family, especially the geon fish;
It is said to be the ancestor of the porpoise.
The fish has only one dorsal fin, which is located opposite the dorsal fin.
Since it does not have any pelvic fins, it uses these two fins to move actively.
Once the body of the porpoise is completely swollen, its predator can neither catch it nor bite its skin.
In fact, it is found that even if an adult stands on it, its hard body is still intact.
It is difficult for the fish to discharge air compared to water, so it usually inflate with water instead of air because it is easier to discharge water.
This happens when it releases the muscle valve, allowing the water to drain through the cheeks and mouth.
It can be inflated in a few seconds by swallowing a lot of water or air, which is usually done on the surface of the water.
The porpoise is able to accomplish this incredible feat because it has a capsule on its gut.
It uses a muscle valve to close the esophagus and stomach.
Then it uses its specialized gills, and it acts like a suction pump to fill the SAC.
Since it does not have any pelvic bones or ribs, it can expand itself to a large extent.
Porpoise is also considered highly toxic.
Many parts of the fish, such as the skin, ovary, muscle, and liver, contain a very effective and paralyzed poison known as the tetrodotoxin, which is lethal about cyanide
Even so, the porpoise is known as fugu in Japan and is considered a delicacy in South Korea.
Specially trained chefs prepare this deadly fish because they know how to reduce the toxicity of the fish.
Nevertheless, it is said that after eating this delicacy, about hundreds of diners die each year.
It must be noted that there is no antidote to tetrodotoxin.
However, there are some species that are not poisonous, such as the big porpoise and the specially farmed porpoise.
Although the porpoise is toxic, it is a popular aquarium fish because it becomes quite tame and shows personality.
Because their teeth are very sharp, be sure not to feed them by hand.
Some aquarium owners lured their porpoise to expand and show off to their friends.
But please note that this puts a lot of pressure on the fish and should not be done.
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