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Prospecting , DO IT THE RIGHT WAY - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-28
Prospecting , DO IT THE RIGHT WAY  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
An important foundation for all MLM businesses is exploration and scale growth through customer base.
This easy-to-laugh idea has prevented many people from taking their first steps or even allowing them to take the first steps.
Do you know what I'm talking about?
You join the company.
The first advice you get is that you go to your friends and family, tell them about the product, the opportunity aspect of the product, and register them --
If it's just that simple.
A lot of these companies are talking about if you sign up for 2 people, they get 2 people, they get 2 people and you get rich.
The truth is, it needs a little more than that.
But assuming you did, you signed two people in the first month, and the big question is if your team can repeat your success?
Otherwise, you end up meeting people who are frustrated and going out.
In this article, I will only touch on the surface of the huge topic of recruitment, and the basic skills that I think are successful with a high percentage of recruitment.
This is your gesture and the way you show your business.
So, what is the best way to present your opportunities to others?
I find that the most common misconception is that most people think that because they are easy to get along with and easy to get along with, it will translate into their marketing and promotion capabilities.
The fact is that exploration is a skill that needs to be acquired and practiced.
The most important thing you need to realize first is that you are not selling, but developing your business.
If you are a million dollar business owner, you need that attitude and influence.
We all want it anyway.
You are part of the business and you need to go from a lack of confidence to a place where you have the attitude of a CEO.
You are looking for people who have desires, not excuses.
So you can't have an attitude towards people who are eager to do sales.
You see, not everyone can see what you see, they just want a job and put them down.
You will be rejected, get used to it, don't lose sleep because of it, it's part of this business.
Think about this scene . . . . . . Imagine how much it would cost if someone came to you and was most excited to tell you about the restaurant they wanted to open, and they wanted you to be part of it-would you join?
The most interesting thing is that it's not your idea, maybe it's never your wish, so you say no, because it's hard to leave because of someone else's idea.
Now imagine they start talking to you at will and they let you talk about your family, your work.
All of a sudden, you think about how much you hate your boss and how much you make.
Then he or she will let you talk about your financial situation and your goals, and finally, you have the opportunity to help you achieve your goals, which is a way to leave your boss and work.
Does it sound different now?
No pressure, no begging, no sales.
Remember, the person who controls the situation is the person who asks the question.
If you're trying to get others excited about your point of view, it's likely that they won't be able to complete the plan, but if you convince them that this is the way to achieve their goals, you 've just got someone on your team who is ambitious and motivated to build a business.
This is very simple.
Practice your posture
Take the time to get to know your prospects by asking questions and continue to be responsible for the conversation.
Discover their wishes, wishes and goals and present opportunities on this platform.
It would be great if they agreed.
If they say no, then there are always more people to talk.
Have fun. . .
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