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Problems may hinder e-business development - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
Problems may hinder e-business development  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
The first element is policy and law.
In general, China's national information policy is not perfect, especially e-commerce. business.
Many policies are unclear and opaque, and relevant laws, regulations and standards have not yet been established.
Coordination between different regions and industries still faces great problems. E-
The business involves not only both parties to the business participants, but also departments that may be distributed in different regions or countries such as administration for industry and commerce, customs, insurance, financing, banks, etc.
Therefore, a unified legal system should be developed and relevant policies and coordination in different local, regional or national organizations can improve e-commerce
Business is booming. E-
Policies and regulations, enterprise information, and financial electronic processes have restricted business development.
Second, the construction of enterprise information.
Enterprise is the main body of e-commerce. business;
Information is the basis of e-commerce.
Business operations.
At present, many enterprises are in the stage of reform, have not established a perfect modern enterprise system, and the process of enterprise information is not satisfactory.
At present, the proportion of Chinese enterprises on the Internet is less than 1%. In 1.
5000 large and medium-sized-sized state-
Only 10% of state-owned enterprises have realized enterprise information;
70% of enterprises have formulated information planning;
Only 20% of people have very few computers.
The third element is the electronic construction of financing.
Financing is a strong support for e-commerce.
Business payment. But the cross-
The electronic payment system has not been established, which greatly limits the payment and settlement and hinders the development of e-commerce.
Therefore, business development. Although e-
In the face of huge problems and challenges, we should be full of confidence in e-commerce.
Business Development.
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