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price of bone china set A look back at some of the issues that have shaped Tasmanian agriculture in 2016

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
In 2016, farmers were tested by unpredictable weather events, and they were baptized by fires and floodsxa0Courage of hardworking rural communities in tazhou.
Over the past year, farmers have seen drought, bushfires and abnormal flooding that have left some industries on the brink of destruction.
In addition, they are challenged by biosafety threats such as the outbreak of Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) and the recurrence of blueberry rust on our coast.
However, the past year has not been a bad thing for farmers in the state of Tasmania, and Moon Lake Investment announced direct investment in the state of Tasmania --China's freight links and fresh milk exports are beginning to move to the growing Chinese export market.
Agricultural reporter Kaitlyn Jarvis reviewed some of the defining issues that emerged in the industry in 2016.
The country's two largest milk processors have made a controversial decision to slash farm gate milk prices for their suppliers, a decision that has occupied Tasmania state and the country for most of this year

The company will make payments to farm suppliers located in May and Fonterra. Fonterra is the largest dairy processor in tazhou.
Pricing for Murray gurburnxa0In addition, the company announced that the price reduction would be a retrospective and that many farmers were forced to pay back the milk debt that had been purchased and paid.

They protested the brutal price cuts, which made the price much lower than the cost of production.
When both processors reduce the open price by 2016, it will cause more pain.17 season.
The Australian dairy company, Tasmania, the federal government and Murray gourborn themselves have announced a series of support measures, and they have announced another controversial Milk Supply Support payment, loans to help farmers repay their accrued debts.

It also announced that it would suspend and review the payment plan and the retroactive cuts known as claw-back payments.

The solid milk per kilogram increases the price by 10 degrees Celsius.

the matter.
The ACCC will conduct a public inquiry on 2017 and submit the final document on this matter on November 2017.
Traditionally, farmers are always affected by the weather, but this year, 2016 of farmers have provided a unique set of challenges for agronomists in tazhou.
The unusually dry winter and spring of 2015 brought a long dry season in the summer of 2016, putting pressure on farmers facing unprecedented small-scale growth and production.

Three times the price.

Many leather trees were burned by the fire.

Production and trees due to dry weather and jungle fires.
On January, Jeremy Rockcliffe, Minister of Primary Industry, including federal and state preferential loans, announced that,xa0Rural relief fund managed by rural enterprise Tasmania state, feed register of farmers and Shepherd association of tas state.

Causing widespread damage in the north.West and North.

On a property in Latrobe
As farmers slowly recovered from the effects of the June floods, the second smaller flood incident in October shocked rural communities.

When renting oysters in Pittwater, south of the statexa0Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) was found ).
POMS is a viral infection that causes oysters to sleep, which makes the shell open to predators.Once an oyster is infected, the disease will die in one day.
The disease has never been found in tazhou before this year, but it has been in the mainland hatchery for several years.
The discovery of the disease has destroyed the unprepared industry, which costs about 80 people to work.Millions of oysters have suffered heavy losses due to the disease, and the industry has lost about $12 million.

In April, the recovery plan for the industry was discussed, including the development of POMS-Resistant varieties of oysters.
A $7.
Help rebuild the industry and those affected by the POMS outbreak.
The industry is still recovering from the epidemic and is ready to invade again in the summer months.When the water temperature is colder, the disease is dormant in winter.

Infected plants were found in 2014.

at North-Turner Beach farm in Costa.
Due to the free status, the blueberry rust restriction between Tasmania state and Victoria was briefly canceled, but was re-implemented after re-openingDetection of disease.
Blueberry rust was detected in a batch of blueberry plants in Victoria and sold to nursery growers in 2014 and 2015.
The re-
Meet with the state of biosafety Tasmania to discuss the response to the discovery.
The meeting held in Launceston expressed concern that tazhou will not be able to eradicate rust, which will threaten the clean and green image of tazhou and will produce organic growers
On 2016, the owner of China's largest and oldest dairy company announced a new export opportunity for the Tasmania state, which is not all bad news for farmers.
On October, Moon Lake Investment, owner of Van Diemens Land dairy company, announced that it would export fresh milk directly to China, with the goal of achieving the best 10 per cent of current production.
This will be the first time fresh dairy products will be exported to China from tazhou, as most of the milk in tazhou is processed and becomes dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.
The product will be branded, marketed and labeled by VAN Milk and exported directly to Ningbo, China via Qantas air cargo.Air Australiaxa0He was appointed freight partner of Van Milk in November.
VAN Milk is described as "game-The "changers" of Tasmania state and Moon Lake said their plans included increasing the possibility of aircraft exporting cargo space to allow other producers to ship their products to China.
VDL, the oldest dairy company in the country, owns a property in Woolnorth that consists of 25 dairy farms and a dairy support department, including the heifer feeding business.
The company also owns several dairy farms outside the woolnos property gate in other parts of the round head.
VDL was acquired by Moon Lake at the end of last year, but the transaction was officially approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) on February.
Launceston-Moon LakeTasFoods based in the United StatesOffer minute quotes to former owners of New Plymouth District Council, New Zealand.
The debate on the controversial "backpacker tax" continued to intensify in 2016, reaching its peak at the end of the year, and the partnership between the federal government and the Green Party ensured a compromise rate.
The legend has been going on for 18 months, causing major problems for Tasman growers who rely on backpacker labor to harvest fruits and vegetables in the summer.
The backpackers tax was originally at 2015-But pressure from agricultural and tourism groups has forced the government to revise plans to introduce a 32-rate.Vacationers who work in Australia account for 5%.
On April, former Tasman Senator Richard Colbeck reviewed the tax.However, after the election, taxes were once again on the agenda of the federal governmentIt was announced that the tax would be delayed by one month and the tax rate would be postponed until July 1.
Will be conducted by an agricultural assistantxa0Minister Luke hasuk

A meeting was held on September 5.

Backpackers from up to 40 cents.

Meeting with Luke hasuk and cross on SeptemberServe as a benchmark for this issue and call for a prompt resolution of this issue as the harvest season approaches.

But plans will continue to lift the tax exemption threshold for working holiday manufacturers.
However, the Labor senator sent the issue back to the Senate with the new interest rate and called on the Senate economic reference committee to investigate.

And heard from several key industry bodies, including producers such as Tasmania state (PET) and Hanson and Reed fruits, the main employers of the tas state farmers and Shepherd Association (TFGA)

A few minutes passed.If no decision is made before the Christmas holiday in Parliament, the default rate is 32.If this is the case, legislation will be made.
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