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Powder Blue Tang Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Powder Blue Tang Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Pink and blue soup is an active salted fish that is popular for its color.
Although it is beautiful, it is recommended that only experienced aquarium enthusiasts buy this fish because it requires expert hands to take care of it. Here\'s more. . .
The color pattern of the powder blue soup makes it one of the most beautiful salted fish in the aquarium.
Overall, this is a sparkling color that adds amazing beauty to any saltwater aquarium.
But pink and blue soup is an expensive aquarium fish.
Depending on the size, it can range from $50 to $100.
In addition, this fish is for aquarium enthusiasts who are more experienced because of its high nursing requirements. .
It is an active swimmer perched on shallow saline reefs found along the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Coast or islands.
Unlike most other coral reef residents, these fish are distributed in quite large areas.
It is important that the owner has a big aquarium for his fish.
The average size of the sea aquarium should be six times that of Tang.
However, the larger the tank, the easier it is for the Tang people to adapt to the new environment.
When setting a saltwater fish tank for Tang people, an important tip is to age the water.
Let it stabilize.
A large number of algae were added.
Ensure that the water in the aquarium has a high level of oxygen filling.
The coral reef aquarium is the best choice for these fish because they best simulate the natural environment of these coral reef residents.
Another noteworthy aspect is its health.
The fish are notorious for infecting ich and sea velvet.
When they are transported in crowded containers, they become prey to these diseases.
Famous Fish shops usually make sure the samples they sell are healthy.
However, be sure to check for signs of the disease.
During transportation, look for signs of trauma in the fish.
Pressure or damage can be detected by tearing or damaging fins, listless fish, or fish rubbing against the walls of the aquarium.
Despite all the measures taken, it is better to isolate the fish for a few weeks before it is introduced into the tank.
This will give you the opportunity to confirm if there is any disease in the fish and take appropriate measures.
In the wild, Tang people are grass-eating animals, mainly living on algae under the sea.
But once you get used to it, you can feed shrimp, rice shrimp, salt water shrimp, and small balls.
Food based on marine plants is a great choice.
However, dry algae are added regularly to replenish the food.
It is also necessary to ensure that it contains a large amount of protein in its diet.
Pink and blue soup is halfAggressive fish
Although these tropical fish are generally peace-loving, they are not very good for other surgical fish.
So make sure there is only one fish per aquarium.
In the wild, they are either found as separate fish, or they may form colonies, actively defending their territory from other Tang species.
These are herbivores, so the larger territory means more food.
If it is inevitable to raise two tang fish in the aquarium, it is best to introduce the two fish together.
The introduction of a new Tang in an already established tank means a lot of fighting.
It is a pleasure to have this fish.
However, since its care requires more effort than many other types of fish, first of all
Time aquarium enthusiasts should avoid going to the aquarium.
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