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Porcupinefish Facts - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Porcupinefish Facts  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Por fish is one of the most interesting creatures in marine life.
Here's information about its diet, its habitat, and some fascinating facts.
Porcupinefish, also known as blow or balloon fish, is a medium-sized fish, 25-90 cm long.
This fish is called because it has thorns all over the body to protect itself from predators.
A unique feature of this fish is its ability to inflate the body to almost double its size.
It swallows water or air and expands like a balloon.
The body of this fish is covered by long and sharp thorns that are still covered when the body is deflated.
When the fish expands the body, the thorns stand out and it looks like hundreds of needles are coming out of the body.
Therefore, the fish is properly called the por fish.
This is one of its natural mechanisms for controlling predators.
Once the fish expands its body, it is impossible for its predators to attack it at all.
In particular, if the predator eats the fish before it has no time to inflate the body, it will still expand in the mouth of the Predator, which leads to the death of both.
Another unique feature is that the fish's teeth blend together as a row.
They also breed very differently.
Male and female fish mate in the open ocean, or sometimes a group of male and female fish mate.
At this time, the eggs are fertilized and drift to the surface of the ocean due to water flow.
When eggs hatch, the larvae float on the surface of the water.
When the larvae become small fish, they reach the bottom of the sea, in coral reefs.
These fish are found in warm waters, especially along the Atlantic coast.
Their food is usually made up of frozen sea and soft animals.
When they secretly move to find their prey, they hunt at night.
They also have a natural tendency to spray water into prey.
If placed in an aquarium, they can spray water on other objects when they are hungry.
The fish also eat crabs, oysters, clams and snails as their teeth and chin are converted into a hard shell to crush their prey.
You can also raise dolphins or porpoise as pets.
After reading these facts, we all agree that the por fish is one of the most interesting and unique aquatic creatures found in the world!
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