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Popcorn History - what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Popcorn History  -  what are the tastiest dishes at mexican restaurants
No movie tour is complete, no summer outing without a movie is good, at home, what's better than sitting on a comfortable sofa and eating a bowl of popcorn?
But how much do we know about the origin of this magical experience?
Sad but true, in most cases, the corn that the ancients said was not corn at all.
Among all the possibilities, the word "corn" is used as a comprehensive reference to the grain used by civilization.
In real life, it is used to represent the most commonly used grain in a particular region.
Therefore, in the Egyptian literature, the lady of Pharaoh with the old beard may have used barley, and we feel that she has corn.
In most pyramids, there are references to burst corn, and the mistake is that, because the ancient Egyptians eat more barley than corn, use it more, and even save it more specifically, for good things after their death.
So in ancient Egypt, even the popcorn mentioned in the Bible, it can be said to refer to the burst barley.
Even in the later days, corn was British wheat, oats from Scotland and Ireland.
Corn is so important in American culture.
Even in the United States, the most widely planted corn is called "corn", a name it has retained so far.
An interesting fact is that the first grain to use corn is bursting, and it must have been spontaneous combustion in the first place.
Later, with fire at the heart of the culinary concept, corn will definitely get faster and faster.
The oldest evidence of a corn burst came from the bat cave in the Midwest of New Mexico.
These ears can be traced back to around 4,000 years old, if not older.
So we have evidence that, from the point of origin, it is true that the burst corn and the growing corn are us.
In ancient times, when the weather was hot, the grain was popped up by heating the sand in the pit and stirring in the corn kernels.
This one keeps the tassel kernel and tastes good.
This American connection was maintained, and in the 15 th and 16 th centuries, the Aztec Indians used corn spikes and popcorn in various cultural backgrounds, rituals, and even dances.
Strangely, they are also used as decorations.
However, the "civilized" world did not see burst corn for the first time until the 15 th century when Jose invaded Mexico and met the Aztec people.
In addition to the food, they also use popcorn as a ceremonial headwear, necklaces and decorations on their God-carved statues, including the god of rain and fertility Tlaloc.
The fishermen's God is also worshipped by what the Aztecs call "Hail to the water god", which is actually popcorn.
The Spaniard saw these little white flowers like things and understood that it was roast corn, which spews out the contents when heated.
The Aztecs call it momochil.
This is our own great grandfather of butter and pepper varieties.
Peruwan Indians also knew about the art of bursting corn, and Cobo wrote in the 16 th century, "they baked some sort of corn until it burst.
They call it pisanc and they treat it as candy. \".
With such a glorious history on the continent of America, how can real corn suddenly appear in all its glory?
By the 18 th century, corn cultivation had become widespread in the African continent and the use of grain had become more popular.
For half a century, popcorn has become a popular favorite for young and old people, and more ways to give more flavor to popcorn have been excavated.
Trade fairs, parks and fairs will be abandoned without popcorn counters.
No outing is complete without a large portion of popcorn.
The mechanized methods that are now emerging are beginning to be used, and this demand has pushed up the number of new inventions for this purpose.
Until the Great Depression, street vendors will open shop where there are reasonable crowds, pushing their steam or gas
Power through the crowd.
C. Cretors and Chicago Corporation launched the first mobile popcorn machine to the world Columbia Expo in Chicago in 1893.
This is an instant hit as it can easily move it to where any operator might do business.
Boys or ponies can easily attract it to any picnic place, Bazaar, political gathering, etc.
There are many other places where you can do business for a day or two.
The age of popcorn vendors has arrived.
During the Great Depression of the 19 th century, with very little money in circulation, popcorn was one of the few luxuries that ordinary Americans could afford.
Most people have to be content with the extravagant five to ten-cent popcorn package.
So even if bigger, better restaurants fail, the popcorn business is booming, although the financial level is much lower.
In some cases, the situation is funny, and in others it is completely ridiculous.
Some of the rags to get rich are also based on the magic of popcorn, like a thunder banker who bought a popcorn machine in a shop near the theater when his bank went down,
A few years later, he had enough money to buy back the three farms he had lost;
This is the power of little corn.
The fate of this popular snack seems to be related to the fate of the entertainment industry.
So when TV became more popular than movies in the 1950 s, popcorn consumption fell to a low point again, because fewer and fewer people went to the cinema and more people were hanging out at home, in front of the TV.
The next logical business step is to provide popcorn at home so that it can eat with watching TV, just like it used to eat with a movie.
This renewed new relationship has powered popcorn consumption.
During World War II, Percy Spencer of Raytheon was working on the mass production of magnets used to make microwaves used in war.
He hopes that this technology will be used in civil life and will continue to use Raytheon's technology even after the war.
One of the most important experiments carried out with this tool is popcorn, and the result is microwave cooking technology.
After that, it is easy to go;
Popcorn is just a fad even at home and can be enjoyed in a good TV show just like a good movie.
Microwave popcorn has already appeared in 1940 seconds.
Since then, it has been the most popular form of popcorn sales, with huge financial figures every year.
As a result, Americans today consume about 17 billion quarts of popcorn a year.
We really took a long way from barley persistent organic pollutants in Tutankhamen!
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