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Pop-ups: the new must-have dining experience - max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-03
Pop-ups: the new must-have dining experience  -  max restaurant vancouver skip the dishes
Pop music for Maggie.
Dining includes a bit of weirdness, some secrets and-
At least in Hong Kong, where she first came into contact with this phenomenon.
Marginal legitimacyThe Korean-
The foodies after birth live in Hong Kong.
2001 terrorist attacks, when she said people were losing their jobs and becoming "frustrated ".
"Then you suddenly see everyone walking into these 'confidence' or 'illegal, '" said Huh, who now and
There is a fine Korean restaurant in Whistler. C.
Secret invitation-
There are only restaurants in the private residence, specializing in a variety of cuisines: French, Indian, Thai and Chinese.
Knowing a secret restaurant and finding a table in a restaurant became a symbol of identity.
"It's interesting that every place is packed every night," Huh said.
Now Huh and her chef brother Sonny are planning to open celadon together in Whistler in 2007
Outside the restaurant, they found it in their own unexpected place.
Including a bookstore in Vancouver in January, and other major cities including Toronto at some point next spring.
The venue has not yet been identified but may include a gallery, a shop or someone's home. (
For the record, they will certainly get any necessary permits. )Pop-
Restaurants in Los Angeles, New York and London have appeared in recent years.
Restaurants are often popular-
In a cafe or diner, otherwise it will close at night, run for a limited amount of time, and then close --up.
Sometimes, pop music
Up magicians are already planning their next event.
These restaurants are for well-known food lovers.
Urbanites are so comfortable with the ups and downs of the catering industry that they know that the next "it" point is coming, whether through rumors or a lot of emails.
Their mission is to dine there before resto disappears, whether it's a day after the opening night, a month or the whole season. Some pop-
Ups has a fixed price and a fixed menu: Huhs will charge a fixed price for the five dishes selected by the chef and drink. Other pop-
The Up restaurant offers a full menu.
The concept is clearly explainable. A pop-
From touring the circus to taking over an abandoned space on stage to a vague makeshift restaurant, there is no end --date in sight.
But this is really a good way to create a sensation.
Chella Levesque, national marketing director at the Opus Hotel, said the Vancouver hotel had long planned to renovate and redesign its French bistro Elixir bistro.
But as a "teaser" and get some P. R.
They decided to create a temporary pop.
The Up restaurant is called 100 days and has a "city-
Mediterranean menu for dinner. After a six-
The Day renovation 100 Days, which was launched at the end of August, tells a story about a shantytown graffiti artist taking over Elixir Bistro, who happens to be a good chef as well.
He covered the interior and exterior of the luxury restaurant with spray
Over time, painting images continue to develop.
Levesque said the reaction was shocking.
This restaurant has become one of the hottest restaurants in Vancouver, and its annual income has increased by 400 compared with Elixir.
Since the restaurant is only open for a limited period of time, Levesque says people feel the need to come in and experience it before it's too late.
100 days will end in early 2011. Yes —
It will be more than 100 days after opening.
"It sounds a little better than 129 or 119 days," Levesque said . ".
Pop Music in Toronto
December 2009, the King of Holt Renfrew St. W. pop-
The up store is actually part of the 100-day inspiration, Levesque says.
And get inspiration from New York City pop music
On the spot, the management of the Drake Hotel has been trying this concept, first of all this summer, Scoops Tees is a temporary store that, you guessed, offers ice cream and T-
Shirt, only a few doors from Queen Street. W. hotel.
In October, the shovel T-shirt was changed to Drake's barbecue. The Southern barbecue joints were decorated with useless items and black, brown and red paint, and hot beef pork and Texas.
Jane tatsall, director of marketing and business development at the Drake Hotel, said the Drake Grill was designed to be a "fun fall Project" with no additional timelines.
Perhaps the most famous pop music.
Restaurant Up is LA.
LudoBites is currently the sixth incarnation of the former Max Restaurant in the San Fernando Valley, opening only a specific date from the end of October to December.
Booked a long time ago.
Decadent menus include stealing.
Grilled marinated foie gras and Oriental light dishes veloute.
As for "pop-
We don't know where the pop-up is.
From the beginning of the term of office, the media assigned it to us, "said Christine Lefebvre, wife and business partner of apprentice and chef Ludo lefebir.
It was all out of necessity when she and Ludo tried to buy a restaurant, but realized, "it's going to cost us millions of dollars and we'll owe investors forever," Lefebvre explained.
"On the contrary, in 2007, Ludo began to cook dinner in the bakery every Wednesday night, the handmade bakery where he worked during the day.
Three years later, the "chef without a restaurant" has an avid follower and a viable (if by chance) business model --
Very suitable for difficult economic times.
"He won't repeat the dishes," said Lefebvre . ".
"I think it's really interesting because people want to come and see what he did on the 6 th of ludobi.
Different from 0 of 5. 0.
And then all the discussion happened.
Do you like 2? 0 or 5. 0 better?
Although she also believes that the ludubao people may have no intention of becoming a poster restaurant for pop music --
Lefebvre herself says she doesn't even know how to define "pop music"up” dining.
In fact, distinguish yourself from one person.
Night events by guest chefs have also been promoted as "pop music"
Lefebvre says she and her husband are turning to refer to the ludbé as "a culinary circus" or "a tourist restaurant ".
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