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Pop Eye Fish Disease - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Pop Eye Fish Disease  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Popular eye disease is a disease in which one or both eyes of a fish swell into bubbles.
The eyes look strange and need treatment as soon as possible.
Poor water quality is the main cause of fish infection with this disease.
It is a situation in which one or both eyes look very large and bulging.
The bulging fish may grow to such a degree that the fish looks terrible.
In addition to highlighting in a strange way by pooling the liquid in the eyes and surrounding areas, this is quite harmful.
In addition, the lens of the eye appears cloudy white, and if this condition increases, a white ring will appear around the eyes.
The fish's Pop eye disease may be caused by a combination of several problems, or it may be a symptom of a potential bacterial infection.
Fish can infect bacteria in various ways, such as improper or rough treatment, overcrowding, fluctuations in water temperature, poor water quality, insufficient nutrition due to poor diet, vitamin A deficiency, etc. Excessive lighting, even pressure.
Infection can also be caused by diseases previously infected with fish, or by parasitic infections or internal metabolic system diseases.
The popular eye disease of goldfish or cieyi fish is easy to identify, but it is difficult to treat.
The simple reason why treatment is so difficult is because the popular eyes may be caused by various factors, and it is not easy to focus on the exact cause.
However, what can be done is to try and look for certain symptoms and do the treatment as described below.
If both eyes of the fish are enlarged, the most likely cause is bacterial infection.
In this case, remove the infected fish from the fish tank and place it in a spare, clean fish tank treated with either Maracyn or Maracyn II, which will act as healing
This treatment can eliminate the infection of fish.
The same process is useful for treating injuries to the eye due to scratching on the rock or being injured in a fish battle.
Make sure the treatment tank is bare
No decorative bottom.
Also keep very little light penetration.
If the disease is not limited to a single fish, but is present in several fish at the same time, the water quality may be the problem.
Water quality is often the cause of the spread of disease in fish.
Therefore, the water quality in the tank is quickly restored.
Start by replacing 30% of the water in the next 5 days or so and continue testing its conditions.
Also check ammonia and Ph.
In general, one should add a tablespoon of aquarium salt to every 5 gallons of water in the tank to help with the penetration adjustment process.
There are several antibiotics, injections and other drugs to treat this fisheye disease.
The popular eye fish disease is basically not a life.
Threatening one, although sometimes the bulging eyes of the fish do not heal completely, even if it is fully recovered, it will be slightly larger than usual.
The best way to keep this disease is to maintain the fish tank on a regular basis, which attacks goldfish, ciyu and all the other fish in your aquarium located in the Bay.
Proper maintenance is the key to reducing the incidence of this disease.
Poor water quality conditions can trigger all these diseases in your fish, which is why, as a responsible pet owner, people should check the water quality and other parameters on a regular basis.
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