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Pomegranate Sauce - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-05
Pomegranate Sauce  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The sweet pie taste of pomegranate sauce is a popular recipe for grilled steak, fish and even dessert.
Read on and learn more about pomegranate sauce recipes.
Seasoned with simple seasoned roasted steak, or poured on a delicious cheesecake, pomegranate sauce is a great way to season dishes with the freshness of sweet pies.
In addition, pomegranate seeds add a lot of delicious dishes.
You can replace the more commonly used raspberry and cranberry sauce with this amazing sauce or mix it together for a better taste.
So if you want to enjoy fresh sweet
The sour and fruity flavor of the delicious pomegranate sauce, then here are some great recipes to help you get on the road.
Cut the pomegranate in half to make this simple sauce.
On a large bowl, place a sieve and place the scrapped pomegranate seeds on it with your hand or spoon.
Now think with a flat piece of meat and press the seeds down, about two or three cups of juice.
Throw the seeds away and put the juice away.
Heat a medium pot and add sugar corn starch.
Now slowly add pomegranate juice to the mixture to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed.
Stir the sauce in the middle of the fire with a spoon until it is thick.
Now, take it out of the fire before you refrigerate and let the sauce cool.
Storing sauces can thicken the sauces.
To make this sauce a dessert, pour the juice in-
Size pan, put in medium fire.
Add rosemary to the juice and let it cook to less than half the consistency of the juice.
Keep in mind that this will determine the strength of the juice flavor.
Now add honey, garlic and let it simmer slowly and mix well with the juice.
Remove garlic and add vanilla salt and vinegar.
In a separate pan, heat the water and add cornstarch to it to make a thick paste.
Add this to your sauce and make it thick.
This pork sauce is simple to make and works well with pork and turkey.
Make this sauce for turkey or pork and use a medium pan.
Add the cranberry to the sugar and pomegranate juice and put the mixture into the sim.
Cook the sauce with medium fire and stir for about ten minutes occasionally.
This makes the cranberry soft and open.
Now scrape the concentrated pomegranate cranberry juice into a medium sized bowl and let it sit for about 2 hours until it cools down.
Add pomegranate seeds when serving and freeze the sauce.
The best thing about this sauce is that it can be done well in advance and refrigerated for about two weeks.
Boil the pomegranate juice in a large pan.
Reduce the heat, let the juice simmer slowly and thicken less than half in about 30 minutes.
Now add raspberry and sugar and simmer slowly under low heat for about 15 minutes.
Add honey to the boiling mixture.
Take it out of the high temperature and let it cool to room temperature.
Cover now, refrigerate and refrigerate.
Put the sauce Spoon on the fish before serving.
Pomegranate sauce is perfect for adding flavors to grilled steak and other BBQ dishes as it combines well with smoked flavors.
In addition, they can be easily stored and refrigerated for about two weeks.
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