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pocket guide to hanoi's old quarter - - vintage restaurant dishes for sale

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
pocket guide to hanoi\'s old quarter -  -  vintage restaurant dishes for sale
This is the ultimate maze of Southeast Asian cuisine, shopping, beer bars and local colors ---
We have condensed the green oranges of the old town of Hanoi for you, meeting all the expectations of colonial Asian temptations.
When you think of Hanoi, you really think of the winding 13 th of the 36 th.
The century streets of the old blocks of the city.
Here are some of the best-the-
Know the address to call in the old town.
The modern Vietnamese style illuminates the interior of tan I designed.
Designers in Hanoi choose the old surroundings of the old town to showcase their work.
On the streets of an Tho and Ly Quoc Su, on the western edge of Lake Hoan Keim, see the best Vietnamese-style clothes, jewelry and household items.
Some stores feature updates to Vietnam's traditional aesthetics, some of which are fashionable and cool, all original products, and obviously local if a bit expensive.
Antique boutiques like song are packed with elegant clothing and soft furniture with natural fabrics such as cotton and silk.
Designer Valerie Gregori McKenzie hired a local independent seamstress to sew by hand.
Mosaique is a home decoration treasure house integrating beads, cushions, lamps and throwing balls. Glass-
My design in Hanggai is a great place to try the collection of local designers (like Minh Hanh and Ha Truong.
Song, celery 27, Vietnam;
84 3928 8733;
Mosaique, Moon Bud life,
84 3928 6181;
Tan my design, 61 Hanggai;
84 3938 1154;
Vietnam is one of the world's largest coffee producers, exporting coffee.
Production in the first seven months of 2012 was 2 billion tons.
Hanoi's coffee joints may be Parisian in style, but the glasses of "Cà phe" are as typical Vietnamese as the "non-la" cone hat.
After all, this is the capital of a country where coffee production ranks second only to Brazil.
With its exposed brick and classic film stills, Moca is a great place to spend some time --out and people-
Watch while discovering robusta bean buzz in Hanoi.
The food was good but not so good, with a mix of Western and Vietnamese dishes.
From the cup in the morning to the hat in the evening, in the Betta bar, you can find the city's hipsters lying in the Old Grammy Awards and the kitsch of 1960. The ever-
Balcony Lake at Avalon Cafe-
View Lounge and Sky Garden is a great place to rise on the street-
First-class motorcycle melee
Ministry of Civil Affairs, month-month Bud life,
The bar Betta fish, Cao bakuai34c;
Avalon Cafe, 73 Cau Go, 9 Dinh Tien Hoang;
The best bun cha restaurant in Hanoi is the street of the old town.
In the old town of Hanoi, it is the best way to eat locally.
The most popular joints are open to the street, with low tables and seats overflowing onto the sidewalk.
Cha Ca La Vong, who claims to be the oldest restaurant in Vietnam, is said to have been serving since 1873.
Their specialty is butter "cha ca"
Fried Shelled fish with Coated Rops, yellow ginger and scallions with peanuts, vermicelli and various green leafy vegetables.
Crowded, dirty but good buns bonanbo made a roaring deal in the South
Beef with noodles.
Charcoal bread tea-
Roast pork pie and vermicelli noodles and herbs, try the golden bread, then go to the NGO Phat Loc and follow a small lane in hangbei and try the bread dau, bite-
The size of the fried tofu is served with packaged rice noodles, herbs and the sauce of your choice.
Cane juice or "nuoc mia" is the standard optionme-
Mobile vendors patrol the streets all day long.
But for the sake of something more interesting, go to the corners of Luang Ngok kunn Street and tahien Street, affectionately known as bia hoi corner, a family center --
Raw beer brewed.
"Cha Ca La Vong, 14 Cha Ca;
Small Bo Nanbo, 67 days of hanging;
Small tea Dac, Meng Yue hang;
84 3828 5022;
Vietnam Summer beef salad on Highway 4.
In addition to hawker stalls and street kitchen, there are many high-end dining tables in the old area.
The food in these trendy restaurants is top notch
No gaps and dress codes are enforced, but you won't feel inappropriate if you change the Flip
Flip-flops for shoes and vests for shirts.
Paris beer shop-
Like Green oranges, French specialties and traditional Vietnamese cuisine, such as fried fish in spring rolls and tamarind sauce, are served together with chef Stephane Yvin's experimental mixture menu.
There are pigeons marinated with cocoa and coffee, or ducks cooked with orange marshmallow.
After years of success at his fusion Vietnam branch, La Verticale, Brittanyborn, award-
In April 2010, the award-winning chef dididier Corlou opened a lighter Mrs Hien in honor of his wife's grandmother and "all the hard-working women in Vietnam.
"The menu of gorgeous white and orange colonial villas is centered on fresh market products and stories of 36 streets in the old town.
Instant highlights including fried sweet-and-
Lime beef lobster served in Hanoistyle --
But there is no usual lashings of MSG.
Highway 4 takes customers through a gourmet tour of northern Vietnam's mountainous areas through a delicious and familiar rich menu-
More exotic meat and seafood dishes.
If you're eager to roast crickets with pig fat, home-
Grilled buffalo or crocodile spareribs, which you can find here, as well as the son Simi wine house.
48 Hang Be Green Orange cafe and restaurant;
84 3825 1286;
Ms. Chen Jian is 15 years old;
Highway 4 and Highway 3;
84 3926 4200;
One of the four outlets,-
There are few streets in the old town to keep the original use.
Hang Bac used to be the Guild Street of the silversmith and is now a Tombstone Carving Factory.
There are spades in the old district.
Gifts and dialogue
The appetizers at home are sold here.
The more traditional the gift is, the better.
The Vietnamese street sign in the old town reveals what artisans originally sold along each Avenue before 600.
Head to the "bamboo blind" Street of traditional handmade Vietnamese instruments.
The owner of Thai Khue is happy to let you try before you buy, while 16-
Strings zithers and dan gaoI are a violin made with coconut shell Coopers and a huge challenge for musicians to look cool on the wall and learn to play fourstring dan tu.
Traders named after 18 fanglang Street
Century doctor, still pursuing every herb and spice, is full of barrels and bins, packed in hundreds of small drawers in the huge dark wooden cabinet on the wall.
Are you disappointed by the frenzy of buzz in Hanoi? Try some well-
Baked peach kernel, or Chinese apple seed, is used to relieve nerves and promote sleep;
Or Dan Sam, the "soothing stick", is thought to relieve anxiety and stress without being sleepy.
Hanggai, or "silk goods" street is still home to shops with multiple items stacked on raf
Color roll of fabric.
This is a great place to buy scarves and costumes.
Khue, Thailand, 1;
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