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pizza trivia - little known facts - - chicago style deep dish pizza restaurants lake city florida

by:Two Eight     2019-09-14
pizza trivia - little known facts -  -  chicago style deep dish pizza restaurants lake city florida
If you are like most people, you may have had pizza many times during this journey called life.
You probably ate this year.
But did you take the time to ask where it came from?
Of course, everyone knows that it belongs to a wide range of "Italian" food, but the rich history of this food is far more than that.
If you want to know more about your favorite salami treatment than how long it will take to get to your doorstep, here are some little-known facts.
Of course, pizza has the closest connection to Italy (New York City from an agency perspective), but it was actually invented by Greeks.
They always like to use flat bread, and they are the first to bake the bread and apply oil, vegetables and spices to it.
While this may sound different from the food you received today, it is almost certain that this is the first step in the dishes we know today.
However, Italy was the first country to open a pizzeria in the 18 th century.
While cheese is hard to imagine pizza without cheese today, this indispensable ingredient was not added until 1889.
An Italian chef was commissioned to create a masterpiece for Queen Margaret's visit.
His innovations include the addition of cheese, tomato sauce and basil, each representing a color on the Italian flag.
Of course, this particular version is often referred to as Margherita pizza, and most of the common pies we eat are derived from this concept.
With cheese as the main ingredient, spicy Italian sausage is by far the most popular pizza ingredient in the United States.
Of all the pies sold in the United States, nearly three have spicy Italian sausages, making this meal one of the most enduring and common pies in the United States.
Of course, this in turn leads to popular sales of meat in grocery stores and other food stores, because people either adapt it to other foods, eat it as a snack, or make their own pies at home.
While there is no doubt that the Chicago-style deep plate has had a huge impact on pizza restaurants around the world, most people still order and like thinner shells.
This does not necessarily mean that the bark is thin.
Like some popular chain-approved shell, but certainly thinner than thick, almost cake
It's like a popular variety on the shore of Lake Michigan.
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