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pizza: finding your base - - role play at the restaurant fly in the dish

by:Two Eight     2019-09-11
pizza: finding your base -  -  role play at the restaurant fly in the dish
The bottom of the pizza, which is known as the shell, plays an important role in the taste, just like any top you decide to put on it.
It is difficult to determine the exact source of pizza, but history shows that ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks eat on something similar to our modernday crust.
The crust is still a huge factor in regional style.
Variations made from the shell include New Jersey tomato pie and Naples, New York --
Style, New Haven thin as whisper, California, Chicago, Greece and St. Louis.
Some people think pizza comes from the Latin word "picea", which describes the blackening of bread.
Today's pie is thought to have originated in Italy, and farmers make a flat bread covered with cheese with flour, lard, olive oil, cheese and herbs.
The first batch of pie was a rough bread baked under the fire.
The early Greeks used flat round bread as a plate so that the gravy and broth would not run away.
It is believed that this will help create the pie of today.
Crust also plays an important role in today's pizza.
Today, the two major categories of the Earth's crust are thick and thin.
Thin pies include handmade pies
New YorkStyle and Roman style.
Thick pies in the category include deep plates or Chicago-
Sicilian style and East Coast.
The shell is usually normal, but there are variations such as cheese. filled, garlic-
Season with herbs.
Some pizzeria put their taste on things.
Corn crust and Midwest-
Style is two examples. Midwest-
Style, also known as Bar
Style is a thin
Crust pie, a bit crispy, salty on the bottom, cut into squares. Thin-
Pizza is made of paper.
In the 19 th century, Italian immigrants launched thin pies in the United States for the first time.
Many styles of light bread crust, such as New York and St.
Louis, evolved over time.
Naples is thin-
Usually a pie of about 10 inch, baked in a wood oven.
They usually have a fluffy end case.
Neapolitan style in New York, also known as Neapolitan-
American, similar to Naples, but larger, usually cooked in a coal stove. New York-
The style is thin
Most people think it's a modern shell material. day pies.
1943, Chicago-
The style is created by Ike Sewell of Chicago Pizzera Uno.
More than 1 flaky pie crust
Inches deep, a lot of ingredients can be collected.
It became popular and soon imitated all over the country.
The tomato pie is another thick one. crust.
To make a tomato pie, take a thick crust and cover it with tomato sauce and Roman cheese.
Unlike most pies, however, it is served at room temperature, so it can be a taste of the day after tomorrow. Greek-
Style Pizza maintains a balance between the thick category and the thin category, but may drop more in the thick category. Ohio-
The style is square thick
The crust cooked in a square pan.
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