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person who washes dishes in a restaurant or hotel panama facts--what panama will never tell you -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
Panama's assets are not very secure-there is a way to get orders from the Panama court to decorate, liens, or levy a Panama bank account from the Panama court.If you do not know where the personal bank is, you can ask the court to send a fax to all the banks in Panama asking them to seize the lien, levy any bank account related to the owner of the beneficiary or the name of the signatory.This is the sequel.Does this also include a foundation or company account?It may depend on the case and the court.
The plaintiff must mail a deposit of 10% to 15% on the attached amount.If the defendant wins the case in court, the deposit can be handed over to the defendant.It may also take months or years to get your money back.
This can damage your business and personal finances, and can even break you up on charges.Civil law litigation game in Panama-if you are in a civil struggle in Panama, an opponent can issue a bond of 10% to 15% of the cash value of an asset and confiscate it.This is the so-called embargo.It will be stored before the court decides.
The time is usually three years or more.
This has been used to remove personal items from a person's home, including bed, furniture, TV, computer, linen, towels, plates, guns, jewelry, etc.There is no exemption item as a possible exemption except for medicines and some necessary medical equipment.So, think about what you would do if they took all your furniture, refrigerator, clothes, beds, etc and also mortgaged your bank account?They can also decorate a car or a ship in this way and put it into the warehouse.
The court system is really good.
There are many problems with Panama's asset protection.If you don't live or run a business in Panama, the risk will be lower but still there.Preventive detention-if you are charged with a crime in Panama, you can be arrested and placed in preventive detention until the trial, Figure 3 years.
If you are a foreigner, you will not be able to post a security deposit if you are allowed to leave and you are unlikely to come back.Having a pension or residence status does not mean that you are not a foreigner.A Panamanian citizen is not a foreigner, and a pension or residence status is a foreigner.
If you are Panamanian and have relatives in Panama, you can usually post a guarantee to avoid preventive detention if in fact they even consider preventive detention.It was guilty before it was proved innocent.The conditions for preventive detention are better than ordinary prisons, but they are still prisons.
Don't give you medical insurance in prison.If you run out of money, you're still in jail and think about your health.Search warrant-Panama police do not need a search warrant to search anything for any reason.
This can include your home, your people, your car, your vault, your business and more.If you trust the government, I think.Passion crime-if you find your spouse close to another person, you can kill one or both of them as a passion crime instead of being sued.Crime will happen once you catch them.You can't like to go to a friend's house and get a gun back because it will be pre-considered.
You can do this with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but it's more risky than doing it with your spouse.So you can get away with murder in Panama.Gun rights-you can own or carry a gun in Panama as a permanent resident or pension collector.
It will take most people three years to get permanent residency, so what do you do for a year.The crime rate in Panama is very high.In order to get a gun, you need to provide DNA from the blood.Then the gun enters the ballistic sampling.
The process can take months.
Who do they share your DNA?There are some close phone calls about people losing many gun rights.The ability to happen at any time, completely or in the process of being reduced.Panama resident-Panama has no clear or simple path to citizenship.
The law provides that after obtaining permanent residency for five years, they may apply for citizenship.On average, about 2 people get this right every year.Usually 2-3 years of permanent residency.You cannot open a bank account with your residence permit;They also want your passport from the motherland.
These residents are considered long termLong-term visa in reality.If the conditions for obtaining residency change, your residency can be canceled even if they call it permanent residency, not too sure.If you marry a Panamanian, you will get "permanent" residency, but you will lose residency if you divorce.
Other countries treat permanent residents like citizens who do not have the right to vote.Not Panama.You need to get your passport from your home country for all legal things like opening a bank account, signing a lease, buying a house, writing a check, buying a car, taking a boat, etc.Most people don't think your residence permit or pension card is a valid ID card.
Panama has the strictest immigration laws anywhere in Central or South America.With the exception of Panama, each country has a direct and real path to citizenship.Panama used to be a safe country.By 2008, the situation had changed.It is no longer a safe country.You 've heard of ATM robberies, kidnapping, burglary and street crimes.
You wake up in the morning and read all the information about the drug crisis, which seems to be endless.You will then read that someone was caught at the airport, that there were millions of dollars in luggage, and of course there was no declaration.Drug dealers often kill each other.They were found dead in a magnificent apartment with a bullet in the head.
They were shot in the street.
On 2008, there was a typical drug execution near the cathedral opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel.A drug went to his car and two guys came up on a motorcycle and sprayed him about 40 rounds in broad daylight.Bullets hit the building.The woman standing there was scarred when she saw her body dancing due to a bullet impact.
Then the Gunners kissed the crowd on a motorcycle like opera singers.As far as I know, they have never been caught.In two or three months, several drug-related shootings occurred in front of a large El Cangrejo hotel.
People are invaded in private homes and sometimes in safe new apartments.The suspect is usually a security guard.They tie people up, beat them up, force them to open the safe, rape is optional.As people hop on a car with them and do who knows what, women are afraid to go to the mall.
Now, Panama's crime is in line with third-world countries.Street beggars-many of them are there.They can get aggressive and hang on the window and try to clean the windshield if they reach into the car and try to force the window down.For foreigners who try to get more alms from foreigners, they will be more aggressive.
Police were also present in Panama.
You will soon be annoyed by their barricades.They read the newspaper in the car.It soon became a real pain.They go to restaurants and tourist areas at night and check people's documents.Used to be a foreigner, visa expired, can stay in Panama for a few years, can now go to immigration prison.
Fine, then you go.
If they see the crime, they will be in contact with the perpetrators.They will not turn a blind eye.It's a safe bet if they don't see the crime and they never catch anyone.Their investigation resources left a lot of unsatisfactory places, and they moved slowly.
They don't have complex laboratory and crime scene analysis.If you are going through a break and a call, I think in any case, if they arrive, everything will end before they arrive.Forget to call if you can't speak Spanish.
Even in an apartment with security guards, make sure you know who you are opening the door.They corrupt someone's maid and have them call into a building and then try to get into several families.To say the least, a house invasion is causing trauma.
Make sure your maid doesn't have the back door open, Keys lost etc to set you up.Fire Department-their fire department does not have any equipment to deal with a fire in a tall building.They may get up on the 15 th or 18 th floor, but on a higher floor than this, you 'd better have your own way out.
They won't come in to pick you up if you're on the 35 th floor.What if you're on the 50 th floor?Ambulance-you have no right to use their ambulance if you are not a citizen.Take a taxi, drive or walk by yourself.If you happen to have bleeding, try pressing directly.
If you can't walk, don't know what to tell you.You can get private ambulance service, not cheap, you can pay in one month instead of by phone.Hospitals-they may not buy medical insurance for you if they are from a foreign country.
You may get reimbursed, but it may not work to pay to a health care provider.If you go to the emergency room before you go to the emergency room, you will pay for it.Then the doctor will evaluate you and check you etc, then you will pay for the second time.
The same is true if you have two broken legs.No credit card and cash, no treatment.They don't have to take you in.If you are a citizen then you can go to a public hospital for free.Please pay attention to all the funeral home and the church opposite the public hospital.
Real estate crash-real estate in Panama was stable in the past, such as in 2005 and before.They started climbing in 2006.Gold properties are $1000 per square meter.2008. peak is priced at $3500 to $4000 for real estate.
They started building lots of apartments.
Their idea is to raise the price to $8000 per square meter.Even $10,000.This does not work.Did they do something wrong?You bet.They built too much.Many projects have failed and have not been completed yet.Many projects have been canceled.The government also thinks it is appropriate to tighten immigration laws, which makes the already bad laws even worse.
This, of course, also contributed to the collapse of the real estate market.It is believed that the next round of price decline will be serious.When it ends, the real estate price will return to $1000 per square meter.
Meters or less.
Bad weather in Panama.
Hot and humid nine months a year.
The traffic was so bad that it was locked.Parking is getting worse.The rainy season is seven months.There is a lot of water to see in Panama City, but it is contaminated and you can't swim in it.There are no beaches available in Panama City.
The electricity bill in rich communities is about 10 times higher than where the poor live.The utility bill is expected to be high.The view from the apartment was good.Now you will see the neighboring buildings and watch them enter your apartment.Also, you can see people upstairs entering your apartment.
No privacy.
Let your windows open for a few hours a day and then you can clean up the black soot on the floor.A large number of maids are dishonest.They steal.They steal bulk food, cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, a lot of things.There was a shortage of maids, so their wages rose very high.
They get one-A month off after 11 months of work.Nice.They have 18 to 19 holidays each year.When was the last time you had six or seven weeks of paid vacation a year?Can this tell you why there is almost no manufacturing in Panama?They are sick.If you fire them or they quit, then you need to spend some money.
They will take you to the Labor Department almost automatically.You will lose;The only thing you can do is control the loss.You will need to hand over the employment agreement to them for approval when hiring.
When you fire them, you go back to the labor committee and ask them to approve the settlement of the salary.Make sure you pull your hair out.Many telephone rooms came to Panama and were destroyed by the crazy socialist labor law.The owners are tired of being dragged to the labor committee by bad and dishonest workers.
The maid will rob your things and then take you to the Labor Council.Report the police.Don't go to the Labor Committee for hearing.Tell the Labor Council Police are looking for a maid and they will call her if she shows up.
They will increase your price if you are not a local.This will not help if you speak Spanish.If you use your driver or someone else to help you, they will tell the store that they want 10% or they will tell their customers to go shopping elsewhere.Panama has been dealing with foreigners since 1913 and they are very good at cheating foreigners.
The Panamanian people have a hidden rule, always united against foreigners.They are never your real friends. you just think they are your friends.Drug use in Panama-the drug is there, probably 1/10 of the price in North America and the EU.They have drug tourists who come there, rent a house, buy a lot of drugs, and then invite their friends to take drugs for a long time.
They are in Boca del Toro and other places.They are likely to be sentenced to big jail terms, but since they are just users, they may be deported after they say where they got the drugs.Prostitutes -Prostitution is a legal activity in Panama.
You will see prostitutes on the street.
You will see the men's club and so on.
If you are a married couple, be sure to let your wife know about it before coming.Outside Panama City, this is the third world.Only this city is modern.Summary-Panama was safe in the past and no longer.
Panama used to be cheap, but it's gone.
It used to be easy for Panama to immigrate.Panama used to leave people alone to do what they wanted, especially in business.In Panama, the labor force used to be cheap.
You can do better in many Central and South American countries.Gun rights-you can own or carry a gun in Panama as a permanent resident or pension collector.It will take most people three years to get permanent residency, so what do you do for a year.
The crime rate in Panama is very high.
In order to get a gun, you need to provide DNA from the blood.Then the gun enters the ballistic sampling.The process can take months.Who do they share your DNA?There are some close phone calls about people losing many gun rights.
The ability to happen at any time, completely or in the process of being reduced.-
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