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person who wash dishes in a restaurant is called office kitchen etiquette for every employee - ethics

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Now that Halloween is over, the holiday office party season will be in full swing and there is no better time to review some simple office kitchen etiquette for each employee than it is now.When your current employer decides to hire you, they also don't hire your mother to clean up after you work, and the myth about the kitchen fairy has been officially broken.As we all know, it is a common courtesy to wash your own dishes, pick up your own garbage, and replace empty tissue rolls with new tissue rolls.
Under normal circumstances, afterwardsThe cleaning staff will not walk in the office kitchen except to empty the trash can;Therefore, it is up to all employees to keep clean.It is best to wash and dry soon after using your own dishes.Don't let them soak in the sink for more than a few hours.
Do not put food in the sewer if there is no garbage disposal.Before washing the dishes, scrape any remaining food into the trash can first and rinse the sink thoroughly after washing it.After washing the dishes, wipe the excess water around the sink.
If you spill something on the counter, wipe it clean.Again, if you spill something on the floor, wipe it immediately to avoid someone slipping.If you cook things in the microwave, use a plastic cover so the food doesn't splash.
If the food does splash, wipe the inside of the microwave when you finish eating.When using a toaster, be sure to shake off the crumbs after completion and wipe the area around the toaster.If you are using the last thing, replace it immediately;For example, plastic utensils, paper towels, sugar, Creamer, mixing sticks, etc.
If there is no replacement, please inform the office manager.If the fridge is crowded, don't push the staff lunch away in order to make room for your fridge.Try to rearrange the item to make more space and follow the next two bullets to make sure the fridge is in good condition.
Don't put food in the fridge for more than a day.A fresh lunch should be brought every day, and if there is no meal that day, it should be taken home every night.If there is rotten food in the fridge, don't be afraid to throw it away even if it's not yours.
The staff who brought the food in apparently had forgotten it and wouldn't be angry if you threw the food away.If party food needs to be stored in a community fridge, try giving employees enough notice so they can clean up the shelves and make room for large dishes, platters or desserts.When left on the community kitchen counter or the office manager sends an email saying you want to help yourself, the leftovers at the party or meeting are just fair games.
If there is not enough coffee in the pot to drink at least one cup, either brew a new pot (using the correct pot, decanter with black top indicates routine, orange top indicates decaf ), or turn off the burner and rinse the pan.No one in the whole office wanted to smell the coffee rotten.If the kitchen trash can overflow, do not keep stacking the garbage on it to produce a tilttower-of-trash.
Either pack it yourself or contact the office manager to get the building management to do it.After the office party, he offered to help clean up.Usually the same employees end up cleaning, so it's a good change for others to volunteer to pack leftovers, wipe the table, wash the dishes.
Or move the furniture back.
No evidence should be left that you have ever been in the kitchen or party.In general, keep the kitchen in a better state than you find.What rules do you have to add to the list, the office kitchen etiquette story, or the pet you want to broadcast?Share your story with us or comment!.
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