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Perch Fish Facts - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Perch Fish Facts  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Bass is a colorful fish.
They are one of the richest fish.
This article provides some interesting facts about these marine animals. .
They are distributed in different geographical locations, with more than 6000 species and more than 150 families.
The natural habitat of the fish includes Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, South China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Cambodia.
Also found in Europe, Nigeria, Mississippi, South Carolina, Hudson Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Nova Scotia and the Atlantic coast.
These fish are also well known by many common names derived from their origin.
They have unique anatomical features that are different from other fish.
This is a list of the most common species of bass and their scientific names.
The anatomy and features of bass vary from species to species.
Studies have shown that the average length of these fish is 10-20 inches.
The colors of different varieties are also different, so they are named yellow, gold or silver bass.
The yellow habitat is the most distinctive, with 6-
There are 8 dark straps on both sides and black in yellow or gold.
The spine of the bass is also very long and strong.
Torpedo on top
The long shape of the body.
Their appearance is colorful, with olive color. colored scales.
They use the pecs, tail handles and Thorn covers to move.
They also have thorns on their bones as defense mechanisms.
The appearance also includes a large mouth with sharp teeth.
They have slender bodies, short heads and blunt noses.
Their way of life is called Halfanadromous.
They can also be seen migrating to tides and salty water.
They are fresh water and are found in ponds, lakes and rivers.
In winter, they usually drift downstream of the river.
If it is a pet Bass, the temperature in the aquarium should be at 20 °c-25°C and well-planted.
They are predatory.
Some of the facts about the bass say that they are primarily food based on animals.
They are either miscellaneous food or grass food.
They make a living mainly by plankton.
Larvae and corals of aquatic insects are also part of their diet.
The food that the larvae inhabit is mainly collateral, foot and plankton.
Larger habitats also consume smaller fish.
The bass spawning season is between April.
The size of the female is larger, while the male is characterized by a darker color and a forward tilt of the anal fin.
They spawn in shallow water.
There must be a lot of plants in the aquarium, because they spawn in long plastic rows under roots or aquatic plants.
They spawn vigorously.
Once they breed, they must be removed when they eat eggs.
Young fries need green water and mayonnaise as their first food.
Bass is eaten all over the world, and they generate considerable commercial income for fish farming.
In order to catch these fish, various fishing methods have been designed.
The most common fishing techniques are lure fishing and float fishing.
The species is very notorious and cunning, so subtle techniques are employed to capture them.
If you are interested in fishing, you can practice this recreational activity at any time, or at the house bass.
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