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PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY OFFERS HOPE - new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY OFFERS HOPE  -  new york times chinese restaurant review hot dish
The new A & E/Biography Channel documentary series for unknown reason is to look at the past
Life regression therapy
New York City psychic Joan panko will attend at 10: 00 on Saturday, September 15. m.
EDT in a episode entitled "The weight of my past.
You will look over Joan.
Life Regression treatment within 10 months, 380-
Heavy people struggle with long term weight problems.
He was able to reconnect with his inner warrior and release his karmic attachment to the larger body --
Than this type of life needs.
He kept himself and the ball. boxing;
Instead of struggling for his extra money, he unleashed his energy to expand and conquer the business world.
Joan panko has been a trance channel, Karma astrologer, writer and spiritual mentor in New York City's private practice since 1976.
This gives her a unique perspective to read the soul and help people remember why they are here and get on track.
Joan is the creator of spiritual therapy. ™Ten-
Use the state of change to help release karmic obstacles and experiences and integrate consciousness and transcendence at the soul level. In a follow-
In our July 2009 interview, I caught up with Joan when she was ready to make her debut on TV.
Adele: how can the eastern village psychic appear on The Biography Channel?
Joan: when they initially called me on July 2011, I hung up on them.
I thought I hung up when I said "No, thank you.
But producer Johanna Baldwin later told me that I just hung up on her phone and had a good laugh!
(I guess my reaction is a bit abnormal-
After I left the phone, I muttered no, "no, thank you . ".
) But after two clients volunteered to return in front of the camera and encouraged me to call the producer back, we sat down to discuss past shots --
Return to life for their documentary series.
The vibration feels right, in the flow --
Above all, be in line with the soul tasks that I have come out of the spiritual shell. So I green-lighted myself!
I never thought I needed to be on TV as part of a journey of karmic healing and soul growth. It has been --
I will definitely continue--
Terrible and exciting.
Nothing can make you feel more energetic than ever in the face of your worst karmic fear ever.
The only reason I was able to do this show was to use my own past --
Life-return Technology (PLRT) to cope with these fears ).
The PLRT conference made me understand that, from the soul's point of view, my fear of being openly felt with my spiritual power is very legitimate --
Level karmic perspective.
The awareness of where fear comes from makes me feel it and act to overcome it at the same time.
The mantra that I helped solve the problem every day was: "It was --This is now!
Adele: What do you want the audience to be free from watching your episodes?
Joan: after hundreds of hours of filming, the film was cut for half an hour for 22 minutes.
The hour show, I have absolutely no idea what the end result will look like, and I have to give up any control over how my work will be presented.
However, executive producers Russ Stratton and Doug Liman (the Bourne trilogy and the Sir)and Mrs.
Smith ") throughout the filming process, and from the episodes I 've seen so far, maintained complete integrity and respect for my treatment process, I was impressed with the quality of the production and the editing, telling the main story in an influential way.
I can only believe that it will be easier for those who want to find me through the TV media (haha) once the show is aired.
Because before I have a website, you have to meet someone who once came to see me and used their name as a recommendation --
Otherwise, I often don't have that many opportunities.
I jokingly said that my psychic work was a very personal act.
But, jokingly, what I want the most is that the people who watch my episodes --
Especially those who are confused and powerless about some of the internal or external conditions in life, who have done everything they can to deal with it --
At least experience a glimmer of hope to turn things around.
Once the client has gone through the past life of returning to therapy, Soul reading or psychological counseling, I am constantly amazed at their transformation.
They got this lightning.
When they remember the other chapters in their soul story that reasonably explain why they were in trouble, Bolt's moment of awakening --
That's what I'm talking about.
What they need to do to heal it.
Knowing their situation from past life is justified.
This is not caused by any specific thing they do in this incarnation.
Create a major transformation that transforms their entire relationship with themselves and life into a more powerful one.
From the soul's point of view, all the circumstances of a person at birth are just the tip of the karmic iceberg.
The way it works is, usually only after the karmic conditions have been activated, at this point people are willing to seek understanding from a higher point of view, what kind of soul qualities need to be developed to gain lessons inherent to the karmic challenge.
Only in this way will conscious free will choose to release the attachment of identification karma to specific conditions or body karma.
The best part is how well PLRT works in all types of stuck situations --
From body karma to "krazy-
Glue "Karma bonding.
I saw incredible dramatic results at the front and back of the client's entry into their own interior.
Gaining a karmic view is not only very powerful, but also a very forgiving process that releases any remaining anger towards the self or life, because of things that seem unfair or insurmountable.
My last hope is that once the audience gets relevant past life information for themselves and has "Aha! ” moment —
Either from someone like me who can act as a middleman between them and their higher self, or through their own journey of inner exploration --
They can consciously own and integrate this higher perspective and move into the next level of their karmic healing and Soul Evolution.
Thank you, Joan.
This is very exciting.
You know that I am a huge fan of soul work, and this requires a new, very much needed dimension of healing. Good for you.
I wish you success.
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