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Parrot Fish Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Parrot Fish Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The red parrot fish is very popular as a pet.
However, in order to ensure the health of pet owners, they need to maintain the factors of care for this fish. . .
This is also the scientific name of the parrot cichlid.
However, these are green-patterned salted fish found in relatively shallow tropical and subtropical oceans of the Indian OceanPacific region.
The fish can be placed in the great reef aquarium.
So, it's important that you don't confuse these marine fish with the red parrot fish that is kept in the fish tank as a pet. The blood-
The red parrot is considered to be a hybrid between male maidas Sedgley and female red parrothead cichlid.
Can tell the bleeding-
The red parrot fish is easy due to its unique features.
The red parrot is characterized by its mouth, head, mouth, round body and big eyes.
The fish's mouth is always open and its teeth are far below the throat, so they don't bite the other even if they keep hitting each other.
In addition, due to this deformity due to reproduction, they do not match other aggressive fish.
Many professional enthusiasts are reluctant to use the fish as pets, and many pet shops refuse to sell them.
Therefore, it is not encouraged to use these fish as pets because their mouths are deformed and sometimes hinder growth.
If you want to build a new fish tank, consider other beautiful tropical fish, not blood --red parrots.
However, if you have made up your mind, then here is an important note of care for these fish.
The size of adult fish can be 10 inch, but on average the size of male fish is 8 inch and the size of female fish is 6-7 inches.
You need to set-
Remember the size of the fish and build a fish tank so you can provide enough hidden space for these fish, such as pottery jars or caves.
In order to complete the setting of adding rocks and driftwood, more hidden space is provided for these fish.
The water temperature of the water tank should be kept at 76-80° F.
The pH value of the water should be between 6. 5 to 7. 4.
Can add smooth small-
Gravel or sand the size of the tank bottom.
Also, you need to install a good aquarium filter.
These fish are easy to take care of, they don't need much attention as strong fish, but people have to provide them with a tank environment that can swim easily.
To make your fish happy, you can provide them with tank mates who can play with them.
The fish compatible with the parrot fish are huge Danes, Corey cats, plecos, kribs and severums.
Try to provide fish with no aggressive behavior as spawning can occur between the two fish.
You can feed your parrot aquarium fish with a variety of foods including salt water shrimp and blood worms.
In addition to these two, you can also provide them with high-quality granular food and high-quality sliced food.
To keep them bright, you can also feed them with B-carotene.
You may encounter some difficulties when you feed these fish because of a lot of blood
The mouth of the Red Parrot is deformed.
They tend to squeeze food with their throat muscles.
So, you can buy some special food for them, which is easy to eat and digest.
While the fish mate and sometimes see the eggs of the fish spawning, the fish are usually sterile.
Most eggs of this fish are sterile unless they are paired with hybrid fish.
These fish may have deformed swimming bladder and deformed Iris.
As a result, they may present unusual swimming patterns.
Due to poor diet, swimming bladder disorder may also occur.
Another problem with these fish is black spot disease, which is caused by pressure.
You also need to pay attention to the white spots of the infection.
If you observe these health problems, contact the fish veterinarian immediately.
It's important to buy healthy blood. Red Parrot fish
The fish cannot be found in the sea because they are the result of captivity.
So their body structure is not that large compared to many other pet fish. So, buy blood-
The healthy red parrot does not appear to be developing poorly.
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