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pad thai restaurant classic thai dishes & siam-brewed beers filipino food - the new asian foodwhat's new in trendy ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-15
pad thai restaurant classic thai dishes & siam-brewed beers filipino food - the new asian foodwhat\'s new in trendy ...
As Americans, we can experience all kinds of food.We have everything from Ethiopia to Israel, from France to comfort.We like Asian food.We ordered Chinese food when we were tired or didn't have a Thanksgiving plan, and bodegas near us had Pad Thai.We taste more Asian food than Confucius!Asian food is now becoming more and more popular among Americans.Philippine food is one of the most diverse foods in the world.This is because the Philippines, though small, is one of the most diverse countries in the world.Since the 90 s, more and more Filipinos have entered the United States (The Philippines is one of the four "exporting countries" since 1998) to introduce their eclectic cuisine to the United States.The Philippines is a country with more than 80 nationalities, more than 170 languages and the richest biodiversity in the world.The culture of the country blends China, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, the United States and Malaysia.The origin of PolynesiaThe favorite Filipino dish for Americans is lumpia.Lumpia is affected by spring or egg rolls in China.It is filled with vegetables such as radish, carrot, bean sprouts and onion, as well as shrimp, beef or pork.The Philippine lumpia contains fewer ingredients than the Chinese spring rolls or egg rolls, leaving a tropical flavor of the Philippines in your mouth.Tropical drinks like cantaloupe, Gulan and Simi.The cantaloupe drink consists of freshly shaved cantaloupe with water, ice and sugar.Gulaman and Sago drinks are mixed with qiongjiao gelatin and cassava balls/pearls.These sweet drinks are a perfect addition to your main course.Alternatively, try the popular and delicious Spanish port soup.The soup is delicious with lots of ingredients!Sini Port soup includes fish, pork, chicken, shrimp or beef.Although all the options are delicious, the tamarind bottom with shrimp in this soup is the best choice.Just look for Sinigang na Hipon (Hipon finger shrimp) on this dish and reach out for your biggest spoon.Growing up in the California Bay Area, Filipino food is not fresh to me.However, I was thrilled to learn how limited my experience with Filipino food was.After eating my lumpia and pancit sotanghon, my mouth was watering while learning a lot of Filipino food.Not to mention the exciting collection of the impact of Spain, Mexico, China and Indonesia on Philippine food.Learn the lesson and eat more Philippine food.Try the curry pie-based kare-Kare and sweet dessert aurahalo.The halo-Halo is a great place to explore. it is a good example of Filipino cuisine.This dessert is sweet and delicious, mixed with nangka (jackfruit), kidney beans, plantains, garbanzos, frozen cream, corn kernels, milk and ice cream.Halo-Halo is often covered with shaved ice, nuts and fruits;This dessert is delicious and romantic.The more celebrated dishes are roast pigs, SabinSapin, pinakbet, puto, and tapsilog.All dishes are sour, sour and vinegar, which is special for Filipino food, and this is the "fusion" you can get ".The best thing about Filipino cuisine is that you can find new flavors in the dishes you already like.There are some great places online, such as Philadelphia food.Com, it carries a lot of Filipino and Asian groceries, recipes and supplies if you want to give it a try.I like to write articles about the Internet, food, entertainment, music and a wide variety of topics.I will write more recipes and information about Philippine and Asian groceries.
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