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Pacu Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Pacu Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Pacu fish is a miscellaneous freshwater fish distributed in Africa and South America.
This article includes interesting facts about the species and its habitat, as well as some of the care advice that Pacu owners may consider. .
They are similar to piranha.
The only difference is the tooth structure, in the case of piranha and square, the tooth structure is sharp and sharp
Share in the case of pacu fish.
Unlike piranha, pacu is peaceful and has no aggressive temperament.
The eyes of these fish are large, the body is tall and sideways, and the back is arched.
Normal adult at 12-
24 inch, although few people grow to 30 inch and weigh to 50.
However, if they breed in an aquarium, their size is suppressed.
Life in 5-
15 years or more.
The diet mainly includes flakes, small balls and frozen foods, such as vegetables, if they breed in an aquarium or a huge water tank.
In the wild, they live on snails, insects, small fish and rotten vegetation. .
In the fishing industry, it is sometimes nicknamed the Red belly piranha.
Pacu fish are easy to breed because of their tolerance to low levels of oxygen.
Also, they don't need any specific protein diet.
Black pacu fish are raised in freshwater aquaculture farms because they have strong immunity to diseases and are also widely eaten by humans.
They are mainly distributed in the flood plain.
When it comes to food, they have a strong sense of smell and vision.
During the flood, their appetite increased and their appetite was maintained by eating hard nuts and rubber tree seeds.
They are also considered to be one of the best tropical cuisines when barbecuing.
After being discovered in the United States, they are considered one of the alien species.
Delicious food.
Breeding this species in an aquarium has become a difficult task.
This is because they are huge in size and have the instinct to hunt prey.
In business, however, they are a huge success and breed in large tanks.
To breed pacu, tanks must have the ability to hold at least 50 gallons of water for teenagers and at least 200 gallons of water for adults.
The water in the water tank must be filtered regularly and the temperature should be kept at 23-28ºC.
In addition, the pH balance of the water must be maintained between 6. 5 -
7, the hardness reached 20 dH.
Since these fish have the habit of hunting their prey, it is recommended that tanks have enough hiding places.
Teenagers like to be with other fish, but they will become lonely as they mature.
In general, however, they have a mild temper and get along well with other species such as Oscar and clown knife fish.
It is sometimes possible to breed in indoor ponds.
Any creature has Company and love.
Believe that Pacu has a good response to good care and good food.
They are beautiful fish, serving the entertainment, business and cooking of human beings.
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