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Oyster Sauce Vs. Fish Sauce - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-05
Oyster Sauce Vs. Fish Sauce  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
It is quite common to see people debating the use of oyster oil and fish sauce.
Here is a brief overview of the difference between the two sauces.
Soy sauce is an ideal alternative to oyster oil, but the flavor of fish sauce is unique and irreplaceable.
However, soy sauce may play a role in some recipes that require fish sauce.
As the name correctly suggests, oyster oil is made from oysters, and fish sauce is made from fish.
As with the basic components, the preparation methods are also different.
The two sauces vary in color, consistency and flavor.
In some recipes, however, they replace each other.
If you are going to use these sauces, it is better to have a basic understanding of them.
Oyster oil is made from oysters, which can be boiled in water at low temperatures until the juice is reduced to form a thick sauce.
Most stores today
The purchased version is made of sugar, salt and corn starch.
It contains a small amount of oyster oil or oyster essence for seasoning.
You can also find the vegetarian version of oyster oil made with mushrooms or oyster mushrooms.
Fish sauce is fermented together with salt.
Although anchovies are mainly used to make this sauce, there are other kinds of fish used to make this sauce.
A short period of fermentation produces a sauce with a distinct fish flavor.
If the fermentation time is longer, the sauce will have a rich taste of nuts.
The longer the fermentation time, the less fishy flavor.
Usually, the fermentation cycle is between one year and 18 months.
Oyster Oil is brown and the fish sauce is reddish brown or amber. colored.
You can also find some fish sauce containing additives such as spices, garlic and green pepper.
Oyster Oil is thick, the fish is clear and clear.
Since oyster oil is prepared by reducing oyster extract, oyster oil is sweet and the base color is salty.
However, the salty and firm flavor of the fish sauce is very prominent.
It also has a taste of fishy.
This smell can be overcome by mixing it with a small amount of lime juice.
Alternatively, you can use it in small quantities.
The scent of oyster oil is more gentle than fish sauce.
You can taste oyster oil directly from the bottle.
Although oyster oil originated in China, fish Dew has been used in different regions for centuries.
Although the fish sauce is said to have originated in Asia or Europe, the exact origin is still unknown.
Oyster oil is widely used in Chinese cuisine, especially in fried dishes. fries.
It is also used as a seasoning for noodles.
It is an essential ingredient in some Chinese dishes.
Fish sauce is widely used in Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.
Used to marinade fish and meat as ingredients for soup and casserole.
After mixing with green juice, green pepper slices and garlic, fish sauce can be used as a condiment.
One tablespoon of Oyster oil, 15 grams of water, 2 grams of carbohydrates, 0. 3 gram protein.
Its calorific value is 9 kilocalories.
A tablespoon of fish sauce, 13 grams of water, 0.
9g protein, 0.
7 grams of carbohydrates;
Equivalent to 6 calories.
The sodium content in fish sauce is about 1400 mg, while oyster oil is only 500 mg.
Although the vitamin and mineral content of both sauces is low, the calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid and some vitamins in fish sauce are slightly higher.
You can buy both sauces from Asian stores in your region.
Refrigerate after opening.
It is best to use oyster oil within six months from the opening date.
It is said that the fish sauce has been in good condition for nearly a year since the opening date.
However, be sure to store them in the air
Tight container
Now that you know the basic difference between oyster oil and fish sauce, you can use the right sauce in a given recipe and get the best flavor from it.
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