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Overworking: mental and physical health dangers for the self employed - is washing dishes in a restaurant hard

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
Overworking: mental and physical  health dangers for the self employed  -  is washing dishes in a restaurant hard
The United States and some external pressures that work too long point out that long-term overwork has a serious negative impact on thinking and delivery capabilities.
Here, I look at the situation of self-employed people and those who work too hard under internal pressure.
Mental work is more tiring than physical work.
Due to long-term mental work, motor function is not affected by insufficient sleep, but mental function is seriously reduced.
A study using soldiers for combat simulation found that initially, when ordered to attack A (simulation), the hospital analyzed the target and refused the command, but without sleeping, they will attack.
A way to get rid of trouble or avoid trouble.
According to folklore, intense research heats up the brain (which accounts for about the fifth part of the body's oxygen demand) and is very tiring.
It is difficult to find jobs that do not require good cognitive performance.
Any driver knows that driving is tiring and in Europe truck drivers are limited at least in the number of hours they drive and construction workers have to drive cranes and excavators or operate other heavy machinery.
The only thing that comes to mind is washing dishes in a restaurant without a dishwasher.
In fact, some workers can earn a week's salary in four days, while the other three workers will be idle.
However, this is not the case to a large extent.
On the contrary, when workers receive a generous salary, they are easily overworked and destroy their health and physique within a few years.
In London and other places, Carpenters should not be energetic for more than eight years.
Similar things have happened in many other industries where workers are paid by piece because they are usually in manufacturing and even in rural labor, where wages are higher than ordinary wages
Almost every category of artificial products is affected by some special diseases caused by excessive application of their special types of work.
The same risks apply to self-employed people.
The overwork of the self-employed is external factors (deadlines, customer needs, supplier delays, etc. ), semi-
Internal factors discussed below (e. g. , fear of losing a customer or desire to pick up a large order) and internal factors.
In the IT field, more autistic people than successful people can lead to culture, which is considered normal for a long time in culture, and 40 hours a week is a sign of weakness and lack of commitment.
The good news is that now I find that many clients prohibit external staff from working overtime (or at least charging ).
The bad news is that outsiders commit suicide in order to please customers who are ultimately ungrateful. "Great, you finished the work one month in advance.
I hope you can find a new one as soon as possible.
Security guards will escort you out of the hotel.
In some industries, some workers force other workers to work harder by setting informal production caps and using various social mechanisms to prevent any worker from overproducing, this may lead to a reduction in the employer's piece rate.
This is not done in its strong area of individualism.
There are many internal factors that allow you to work for a long time.
For example, the Protestant work ethic claims that work is good, whether it is useful, workaholic, perhaps to escape an unpleasant marriage, or a lizard, it whispers in your ear, leaving in just 8 hours will make you stand out, which is dangerous, not to mention the long-term dangers of overwork and lack of sleep.
The Protestant work ethic is a historical anomaly, claiming that work is a way to save
Whatever that means
Should be the main focus of life.
The old saying "the devil works for idle hands" is simply like this.
Like humor, laziness should be avoided, which is the most common cradle of new ideas.
If this work prevents better thinking (humor is an important source of innovation, but not common and not recognized ).
Because if sheep start to think that they might start to think that missionaries should feed themselves, not just Collections.
Politicians prefer serfs to work for a long time, because it means that these social stags only serve the people.
Workawayers have many roots, from inferiority to the relationship of evading failure.
It often appears in children of dysfunctional families.
As a freelancer working outside of home, it is easy to get caught up in a Workaway mode and having a sports class at night or some form of life outside of work helps minimize this risk.
Physical signs of overwork and possible burnout may include headaches, fatigue, indigestion, chest pain, shortness of breath, nerve twitching, or dizziness.
Signs of behavior may include grumpy, restless, insomnia, difficulty in relaxation, irritability, impatience, forgetfulness, difficulty in concentration, boredom, and mood swings from excitement to depression.
Other symptoms include low sexual desire and other dysfunction.
Finally there are lizards, or sometimes called resistance organizations, and the part you want to incorporate into it will allow you to work long hours because others are still working (even if they arrive after you ). Ignore it.
If you think someone else will criticize you for mentioning the time you came in and see if there is any difference.
If no other work is sought.
If your employer makes you work to the point of health or a damaged relationship, there are two main options, leave or prosecution.
Leaving doesn't help others, and you 'd better make sure that the lawsuit will bring you enough money as you change your career.
Perhaps (anonymously) distributing notes on shortening hours of work to increase productivity and warning of the dangers of long hours of overtime, it would be helpful to ensure that the board sees these notes.
If you do decide to leave, mention the damage that has been done to the company for a long time, and you are concerned that the damage means that the company will not survive until you retire and may be helpful, it may also just mean a bad reference.
At the same time, the techniques used in the 1988 recession, such as double sets (putting a spare jacket on a chair for the night when returning home), may help.
It's usually clear if management forces you to overwork.
The internal factors are not so obvious.
The first step is to determine if you are a workaholic.
Take the quiz in a link below.
If you think you're too busy, chances are you're a workaholic.
If you come from a religious background that emphasizes the value of hard work, remember that you have to keep yourself in a state where you can work, which includes relaxation, exercise, and social engagement outside of work: family, friends and community.
Components, even working on construction sites.
Work pressure is too much internal pressure.
Excessive work is higher for self-employed and piece-rate workers.
The balance of work and life and physical exercise are crucial.
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