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Oscar Fish Diseases - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Oscar Fish Diseases  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Oscar fish disease can be dangerous for your Oscar fish.
Proper care for this beautiful fish is essential so that it can live naturally.
Oscar Fish is a very popular tropical fish and is a member of the cichlid fish family that originated in the Amazon waters of South America.
Oscar Fish is also known as albinism, red and Tiger Oscar, with a variety of colors and patterns such as albinism, olivesgreen, dark-Gray and Brown.
In general, the fish is large in size, reaching 12 to 14 inch (about 30 to 40 cm ).
Generally speaking, an aquarium or large fish tank with a capacity of 55 gallons is critical to its normal growth and health. It weighs 1.
5 kg (3 pounds), frozen pellet feed
Dry fish food, and other small fish that can be put into your mouth.
Oscar Fish is the most-
Love the fish in the aquarium
Its popularity is because it responds to the owner like a puppy.
When its owner is near the aquarium, it plays and swims in the aquarium, and it is believed that it also has the ability to recognize its owner.
It is also an excellent actor, pretending to lie at the bottom of the tank/aquarium, and by doing so, grab the little fish that is close to it swimming.
Diseases that affect Oscar fish must be treated in a timely manner so that they do not become very serious or even fatal in the future.
Here are some lists of these diseases.
This disease causes the edges of the fins to become white, or the bottom of the fins to become rough.
In the severe case of fin decay, the fin may slowly become shorter over time.
When the disease reaches a late stage, the area near the fins may form blood spots as the fins shrink.
Shark fin rot is caused by bacterial infection and can be treated with antibiotics.
Sepsis is a disease caused by bacterial infection.
This usually happens when an injury or wound is opened without proper treatment.
If it's Oscar fish, it hurts itself if it fights with other fish in the aquarium.
The water in the fish tank may be infected, so if a fish is injured, it must be replaced immediately and treated with some antibiotics.
Various members of the Cichlid family, including Oscar fish, are affected by the HITH disease, which causes small holes in areas near the fish head and around the face.
Along the side of the fish can have a pit area, the size of the hole will increase and look like a small crater.
While the exact cause of the disease is not clear, it is believed that at the Oscars, whip flag protozoans and bacteria caused the disease to occur.
Velvet disease is caused by the parasite Oodinium.
These parasites first find a fish and then attach it to the fish with a whip flag.
After that, they form rod-shaped pseudo-feet that penetrate the skin and the soft tissue of the fish beard.
The parasites live on nutrients in the cells, and after completely destroying the cells, they mature and break into dozens of cells.
Each cell is released into the tank to find a new host (each cell can thrive within 24 hours, and it will die if it is not found before that ).
The disease is very dangerous and will affect all the fish in the aquarium in a few days.
To keep the oscar fish free from illness, it is most important to take care of it.
To ensure this, follow these steps.
Oscar fish disease can be controlled and treated by taking appropriate fish care methods.
A wary fish owner will definitely check their aquarium pets and have good treatment for them.
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