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Oscar Fish Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Oscar Fish Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Would you like some information about taking care of oscar fish?
These fish are famous for their huge size and beauty.
They need a lot of attention and the guide below will help you to take care of your exotic friends.
Very popular aquarium fish.
Appropriate care plays an important role in the average life expectancy as their average life span is 8 to 12 years.
If you are looking forward to seeing your pet swimming happily in a fish tank for many years to come, then this guide will help you get through it.
Before we answer your question, let's learn a little more about fish.
The Academy Award is from South America, basically freshwater fish.
These freshwater fish are often called walnuts, peacocks, or velvet. .
There are many options for albinism, lemon, Lutino, red, tiger, and Huang Oscar.
They tend to grow very large, up to 12 inch in length.
They have their own appeal, which makes them very popular.
The fish is oval.
A body of large and thick lips.
They are usually dark in color with Orange
Colored Gill area, side and black spots with Orange
Around it, at the bottom of the tail fin.
They are territorial and combative fish, and they tend to change color in an aggressive mood.
Teenagers can easily be distinguished by spotted orange wavy bands and stripes on their heads.
You can take home the captive breed of marble, mottled, spotted, red and black, all red and all black.
They were quick growers and went out soon.
Grow their aquarium.
Before you take the fish home, make sure you have your fish tank ready with the right equipment.
These are big fish. they need enough space to live and swim freely.
You need a fish tank of at least 40 gallons because it takes 30 gallons of space per tank.
These fish need clean and warm water to thrive.
The water temperature should be kept at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ideal temperature should be kept at 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.
Therefore, you should have a heater and a thermometer in your fish tank, because too much warm water and cold water will damage your fish's immune system and make them sick easily.
Therefore, it is most important to keep your tank clean.
You will need to replace 10 to 15% of the water per week and clear the waste that the tank filter does not process.
You should choose the tank filter that will fit your 40 gallon tank size.
You can also use many small filters to help you clean the tank and avoid replacing all filter media at the same time.
Oscar is a meat eater who needs a high protein diet.
They eat all small fish, aquatic animals, insect larvae, remove old corpses, and eat fins and scales of other fish in their natural habitat.
You will need to provide them with a variety of processed, frozen and freeze-dried foods.
Feed the fish consumption to them within 2 minutes.
Don't feed them more than once a day because they will produce more waste and dirty the tank.
A proper diet helps maintain the longevity and immune system of the fish.
Oscar needs a lot of places to hide and be comfortable.
They tend to push and move everything in the tank, so choose the big and heavy decorations that are hard to move.
Use a smooth decoration with no hard sharp edges so your fish won't get hurt while swimming.
It can be seen that when providing half or 3 out of 4 hiding places, they tend to be more active and appear more frequently.
They have no stress and therefore have a good immune system.
These fish are very aggressive fish. they are easy to eat.
They will eat anything that fits the size of their mouth.
It is better to have the ciyu as a companion and make sure they are not a larger breed.
The larger variety is often offensive and destroys the original quiet environment of the tank.
Different fish like Pacu, Clown loach, catfish, black cavalry, Bishop, Silver Dollar, etc.
It can prove to be a good companion.
Make sure they are not very big or very young.
Criminals, firemouths, Sevrums, Jack Dempsey, and groundhog Juripari are also suitable as companions.
Make sure you have a large area to accommodate these huge fish.
Pet care is the responsibility of the owner, especially when you take home a fish that will accompany you for a long time.
Proper diet, clean warm water can help them stay away from the disease.
Make sure you have the time, energy and dedication to commit them before you take them home.
Do proper research and collect all knowledge about taking care of these fish as it is not easy to maintain them.
Have all the resources at hand, take your fish home and bring home an "Oscar ".
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