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Oscar Fish Behavior - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Oscar Fish Behavior  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Oscar Fish is one of the smartest fish that can be placed in an aquarium.
Its behavior makes this marine species different from the rest of Pisces.
To know what is extraordinary about this fish, please read on.
For an aquarium enthusiast, Oscar fish has a special appeal.
The reason behind this popularity is the behavior of oscar fish.
Everyone who owns this fish will have some extraordinary stories about its behavior.
Oscar is a freshwater fish in the Amazon River in South America.
Touted as one of the smartest fish, its various unique features make it so interesting, some of which are "human"like\'.
There are red Oscar, tiger oscar, white disease varieties, and more varieties to choose from.
In addition to its majestic appearance, the owner of this fish likes it best.
Let's understand the fish through the actions in the following paragraphs.
To know what is behind the fish's reputation, all you have to do is watch the Oscar in the fish tank.
In the first few minutes, you will realize that the fish seems to be moving with a clear intention.
Compared with other fish in the fish tank, Oscar shows a sense of purpose in its actions.
It doesn't swim aimlessly or run around like a bar or a Dane.
Oscar is known to recognize its owner.
Like a dog, it can be considered a pet adoption. .
However, before you consider dipping your finger into the aquarium, make sure your Oscar doesn't take your finger because of the bug and sprint for it.
According to the rule of thumb, in order to put your hand into the aquarium, fold it into a fist first, then immerse it in the water and gently open it.
Also, don't move your hands too much in the water.
Wait until the Oscar is awarded to you.
This may take some practice, but you can feed it by hand over time.
However, make sure your fingers don't have any soap residue before touching.
It is also necessary to avoid frequent contact with fish, because this will damage the protective film of the fish and cause infection.
Oscar fish has a tendency to start over. arrange and re-
Decorate the tank by moving something inside.
You may find that your fish fished up the gravel and then transferred it to other places of its choice.
It can also move around other movable objects in rocks and tanks, which seems to be the way it moves again
Interior styling!
One aspect that Oscar needs to pay attention to is its mood swings.
This moody fish does not like the changes in the environment, often sulking for various reasons.
It doesn't seem particularly fond of the things being transferred in the tank.
In addition, the sudden change in the water or water temperature in the replacement tank is not very good for Oscar fish either.
However, this is not to say that it will sit for a few days or weeks because of this change.
It will be refreshed in a few hours.
If your Oscar has been sitting at the bottom of the tank for a few days, it could be a bad water quality condition or some disease.
Contrary to what is widely believed, the fish is not offensive.
While it can kill other fish, the tank partners who intimidate it are certainly not on the agenda.
Still, avoid fish that are easy to put into Oscar's mouth.
Bala shares, Silver Dollars and Jack demy fish are some of the right oscar fish tank partners.
The breeding behavior of the Oscar fish is as interesting as its other features.
It can be a bit tricky to determine gender, because women can't distinguish from men until she lays eggs.
In fact, sometimes it's hard for the boogie to see the thorn himself.
Shape organs around the female anal opening.
Oscar Fish chose his partner.
In fact, in the same tank, it's hard to put a pair of things that don't like each other together.
As a result, breeders recommend either buying a pair that has been bred, or buying an Oscar for 6 to 8 babies, and want any of them to spawn when they grow up.
Once the fish turns one year old, mating behavior can be seen.
However, successful spawn is only reported after 16 months.
Oscar fish has a rough courtship, including slapping each other with its tail and body.
After the females lay eggs, the males fertilized them.
Parents protect their eggs and raise their children together.
The behavior of the Oscar Fish distinguishes it from all the other aquarium fish.
People only need to keep a pet to understand why people fall in love with this extraordinary creature with all the elegant features of the fish, and also show some unique features that humans have.
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