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omega 3 epa dha, our evolution in food consumption ... - salmon dishes at restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-21
omega 3 epa dha, our evolution in food consumption ...  -  salmon dishes at restaurants
Whenever I read new stats, I always refer to my favorite expert Dr.
Joseph shibaine of the National Institutes of Health is one of the world's leading authorities in Omega 3.
I read a few days ago. we have 60,000 pre-
Packaged food provided by Super Wal
At Marts, target, grocery store, and in our 50 s we only had 2,000 items.
I think of this excerpt from the doctor.
"I have data from the USDA that shows how much each food is consumed from 1909 to 2000.
We know what to buy in American diet.
At the turn of evolution and Century, seed oil and these Omega 6 are a small tenth of the percentage of calories in the American diet.
They are now 20% of all calories in the American diet.
Where did you find it?
Every time you pick up a pre-
The food is made of vegetable oil.
Soybean oil is called the lubricant of the food industry, actually.
It's so easy to go to fast food restaurants, eat at your favorite restaurants, and buy something pre-prepared
Pack dinner on the way home from work.
If you work 40 hours like most of us, have kids, maybe have husbands or other important people to feed, and everyone is hungry when you get home, you have no time or desire to cook.
Unconsciously, without any suspense, never believed that all these seed oils would hurt us in more ways than calories, and in our food we consumed more and more food, until we have a health epidemic in the United States.
Harvard reported that 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from chronic pain, illness, or depression, and with the establishment of a seed oil connection to inflammation, it seems to be very solid and we are drowning in excess
Rich seed oil.
By the way, the statistics two years ago were two out of three Americans.
This is terrible now.
The best article I have read helps to understand the increase in inflammation and the link between diet
Related diseases are the cover of Time, inflammation, secret killers. 2/04.
Research has made great progress since that article to state what we know today --
We need to get a sufficient amount of Omega 3 epa dha from Molecular distillation sources every day to change the balance of fatty acids in our bodies.
All we have to do is balance too much.
The balance ratio from seed oil to Omega 3 fatty fish is abundant.
For me, it felt like opening a Hose Fire in the smoldering for a while until it was put out at the end.
A few years ago, when Dr.
Perricone's book was first published.
Inflammatory diet, eat salmon at least once a day, and eat twice if possible, I find that the pain inflammation has eased.
The idea of eating two servings a day is beyond my reach and I turn to the shelves to find a supplement.
There was no benefit at the time, but at the time, the study was not as good as it was today.
Today, we know that we can turn around the situation of fatty acids.
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