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Olive Garden, Red Lobster slimming kids' menus - most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-12
Olive Garden, Red Lobster slimming kids\' menus  -  most unhealthy chain restaurant dishes
The parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster, Darden Restaurant, said on Thursday that as more and more people call for healthier and more nutritious restaurant fares, it will reduce calories and sodium in children's meals.
Darton, one of America's best showsS.
Restaurant operators also said they plan to reduce sodium and calories in all restaurant meals.
The catering industry is under pressure from public health officials and consumer advocates to reduce calories and increase the nutritional value of American mealsS. children —
Almost one. in-
Three are either obese or overweight.
Children's meals include Dutton Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Long Horn Steak House and the Bahamas breeze restaurant.
The four brands will offer at least one child meal, weighing less than 600 calories.
Other brands in Darton are high.
End with the capital steakhouse grille and Four Seasons 52, which does not use more than 475 calories.
"I hope parents can make the most of these new choices," first lady Michelle Obama said at a corporate media event near Washington . "C.
"Parents, we have to put money in our mouths. . .
We must give (restaurants)
The motivation to do the right thing, "Obama said, making addressing childhood obesity a landmark issue for her.
The consumer group Public interest Science Center, which advocates healthier and safer food, issued a statement in support of the change in Denton and urged other restaurant operators to do the same.
"Other restaurants should follow Darden's leadership and clean up the menu to make it easier for adults and children to choose healthy options," CSPI said in a statement . ".
Companies such as McDonald's, Burger King, biscuit barrel, Danny and DineEquity have announced plans to reduce some menu options for children.
While many restaurants have vowed to provide healthier food, they have also said they will continue to sell and promote indulgent dishes with high levels of calories, fat, sugar or salt.
CSPI regularly alerts consumersS.
The most unhealthy dishes in the catering industry.
The CSPI's "gourmet porn" report has left many chain restaurants in trouble, including Darton's Olive Garden brand, which boasts its popular "never-ending pasta bowl"
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