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old fine bone china tea sets collecting limoges china- what to look for when collecting ...

by:Two Eight     2019-06-07
Many people like to collect French porcelain, search in antique shops and lofts, and look for the art that suits the collection best.It is easy to understand why to see the exquisite Limoges porcelain.The fine china is a piece of art, and even the least artistic soul can see its beauty.
When you add practical use to many Parisian art works, who doesn't want to have a beautiful history?Limoges porcelain is the best porcelain in France.The porcelain was made in the small city of Limoges in 1771 and was the first successful replica of Chinese porcelain made in Europe.The Limoges clay used to make porcelain contains suitable minerals for elastic porcelain, unlike most other porcelain made in Europe, which are crispy porcelain.
This lucky coincidence is good news for collectors, as there have been a small amount of porcelain from Limoges since more than 200 years ago.Obviously, the further you go, the more expensive the pieces will be.1770 square meters of art porcelain was sold for 1 million francs.
Fortunately, the artwork was not created until the 1930 s, and some were even made today in the same style as old antiques.You should pay 100 if you want truly high-quality Parisian art-It's $2000 that makes them accessible to most people.Collectors, especially the fledgling ones, should be wary of something.
First of all, most of the Limoges porcelain in the late 19 th century were marked, showing which company produced it, who painted it, if imported, who imported it, oftenIf there is no mark on Limoges, or there is only one vague mark that does not provide any information, then it is usually false, or rarely very old.If it was an old piece, it might have been made before 1850.Until then, only the Alluand factory, Haviland factory and some smaller porcelain manufacturers used the mark.
During and after 1850, all other factories began marking their porcelain artwork as Limoges.Therefore, if there is no mark, it may be a very valuable work to observe it carefully.It may also be fake.Fortunately, there are not many replicas of Limoges porcelain, so adventure in a beautiful porcelain artwork is not like adventure in other antiques.
The second thing to look for is the quality of the artwork.Is the artwork detailed?A true Parisian work of art will have exquisite hand-painted details and lines, and the artist's name will be signed near the company logo.If the lines are mechanical, sloppy or obvious decals, it will lower the price.
Even the most beautiful mechanical paint is not as good as the real hand-painted artwork.There is a problem here that many Chinese products from Limoges are sold as blanks.This allows buyers to draw their own works so that they can create unique works of art.
In the 1850 s, painting gaps were a popular hobby for middle-class and upper-class women.So many fine porcelain may have inferior paint, and according to the skills of amateur painters, inferior porcelain may be beautifully depicted.This makes it difficult to judge the price of a piece.
You have to judge the art, the porcelain itself and the mark.Keep in mind that the French porcelain that is beautifully painted on the slightly worse porcelain is better than the poorly painted but well-made porcelain.The third thing to look for is the quality of porcelain.
A real piece of art will be translucent and bright white under the glaze.The glaze should be smooth and hard.If the Limoges porcelain is unbalanced, discolored, fragmented or concave on the surface, it will greatly reduce its value in addition to being an attractive piece of art.More and more cheap Chinese-made works of art are claimed to be Limoges.
If the item is less than $100, it is likely to be fake and should be ignored.It is not of high quality and is not worth your money or time.If you want real quality Paris artwork, you can look for original artwork in the antique market or from companies that produce original artwork in Limoges, China.
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