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old fashioned restaurant dishes equipment needed to make wine the old fashioned way

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
Do not use metal containers, bowls or spoons-The acid in the wine reacts with the metal to produce potentially harmful chemicals.Wood and glass are very popular;Plastic is acceptable, although it may bring a slight plastic flavor to the wine.Avoid colored plastic.Any clay can be stirred.You can take a gallon of berries and you can use a gallon of glass, like a pickle can or a milk can, which is very effective for a gallon.
The mixer, jar and other equipment must be disinfected or at least very clean.This will prevent "bad" bacteria from destroying your wine.Bacterial infection in wine is caused by the vinegar bacteria, which turns wine into vinegaracid).
Pour boiling water on all surfaces of the equipment.Water must boil in order to be effective.Do not pour water on the cool glass;It may break.2.Household bleach can be diluted by 1 cup per gallon for disinfection equipment.
Do not use on metal equipmentIt will corrosion.Make sure everything is washed clean with water that has been boiled and cooled;Any trace of bleach will ruin the wine.3.Eight kampton tablets can be crushed and added in 1 pint of cold water.
Use the same way as bleach.
Do not use on metal equipment and do not breathe smoke.The equipment does not need to be immersed in solution or filled with solution;Just shake and roll the solution inside the device.All sterile equipment should be rinsed with water that has been boiled and cooled.
Tension is allImportant note: The better the taste of the wine.There is a way to tighten each recipe, but most use some sort of cloth.Some people put socks hose and strain.Most people keep making it tense when they are making wine until it is slightly bubbling.
The weighing meter is an instrument for measuring the specific gravity of wine.It is used by most experts and advanced winemakers, but it is not needed to brew wine.The specific gravity is a density measurement method that can be used to determine the sugar content in the wine, thus determining the alcohol content in the final product.
There are several types of weights.
The most useful thing for wine making is those wines with high sugar content, which allows users to measure both sugar and alcohol content.The brewing supply company provides a specific measure.One of the most useful brewing equipment is the gas lock.
Its main purpose is to keep the air away from fermented wine and yeast while allowing the evaporation of carbon dioxide.It locks the external air containing wild yeast.Basically, you locked the wild yeast.If you let it ferment without a gas lock, put a cheese cloth on it to prevent bugs.
When you're making wine, if you don't have a gas lock, you'll have a lot of wine flies coming together.You see, some people drink so much and they find the wine!There are several types of air locks in glass or plastic that can be obtained through wineDo supply roomDo-it-Your own gas locks can also be manipulated, although they are both cumbersome and unreliable
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