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off the menu bone china dinnerware set A Traditional Scottish Christmas Dinner (with recipes)

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
off the menu bone china dinnerware set A Traditional Scottish Christmas Dinner (with recipes)
Our house is always messy at Christmas.
Digital dinner.
When I grow up, get married, and have my own children, I have prepared a Christmas meal for more than 8 people.
Sometimes we invite friends and family.
The most important thing to prepare such a grand feast for everyone is timing.
Time and practice is perfect, although I admit that I will get into trouble when our traditional Christmas dinner is near time, because there is a lot to do at the last minute, with so little time to do it, of course, at this point your guests sit at the table and relax and enjoy an aperitif before a year's meal.
No, I don't want help in the kitchen because it makes me uncomfortable and people always want to talk as long as I don't forget anything in the oven or hot it's OK
Plates, causing things to be burned or damaged.
It's time to relax when everything is ready.
Our Christmas dinner included a turkey and all the decorations.
I usually buy a turkey prepared in a frozen oven because you can't always rely on buying a fresh turkey at the last minute and you need to buy it if you want a fresh turkey.
You can order one at the butcher's, but he usually takes orders in November and you can forget if you forget to order one. Sausage-
3 days before Christmas, when the frozen turkey was taken out of the refrigerator and thawed, preparations for the Christmas dinner began.
I like to make sure it's completely unfrozen.
When I got married for the first time, I thought it would only take a day to unfreeze, and it was not ready in time, so don't make that mistake again.
The morning before Christmas is a good time to open the package and check if it's OK.
One year when I was about to cook it, I opened it and found that it had fallen off and could not be used.
It was chicken that year.
I always keep frozen poultry in the fridge because they are much smaller, so it's much faster to thaw and Cook.
I have bought 20 or 22 lbs turkey before but only 5 lbs. 6lb chicken.
Turkey takes 20 minutes to cook from lb, plus 20 minutes.
However, if you fill in the Turkey and most people do so, you have to add the weight of the filling to the total cooking time.
A 20-pound turkey, when stuffed, could be a 22-pound turkey that takes 20x23 minutes to cook = 7.
6 hours so I usually put it in a slow oven the night before and let it cook gently all night.
We always have dinner around three o'clock P. M. so it's good-cooked by then.
Either so, or get up at seven o'clock A. M. and put the turkey in the oven, there is always a risk of sleeping.
So, Christmas Eve is the time to plug the turkey into the metal oven. I buy a new tray every year because it has to be a huge one and you can get a cheap one on the market for 2 for Christmas --
Before the next Christmas, the time to rust due to lack of use.
One end of oatmeal stuffing and sausage stuffing-
Meat at the end of the neck.
Mix the turkey with it.
Use it to dry without adding liquid.
Due to Turkish juice, it will be very wet when it is ready.
Wash the Turkey under the cold water in the sink, and then dry a little on the drain.
Put it in the tray for stuff.
If necessary, sew the filling in place with Turkish flap and needle and thread.
You don't want the filling to fall into the tray and ruin the inventory.
Then either pour oil on the turkey or rub in some lard so that it is coated with a layer of oil and then sprinkled with salt on it.
Cover with tin foil and place in the oven at low to medium temperature settings.
At the same time, bring the Turkey to bring the rack to boil in water and salt.
Keep you calm for a few hours, but don't leave all night after going to bed.
This is a fire risk.
The next morning, your home will smell the turkey. Hmmmm!
Peel a big pot of potatoes.
I allowed 3-
4 medium sized potatoes per person.
) And fresh Brussels sprouts so they also need to be prepared.
Peel and chop carrots and put them in a salt water pan.
Like potatoes, they take about half an hour to cook, so plan to turn on the heat under them about 40 minutes before your meal is served.
Remove only the externally damaged leaves from the Brussels bean sprouts, and then hit an X at the bottom with a sharp knife. Wash well.
Cook for you 20-according to the way you like them-
Cook in salt water for 30 minutes.
The longer you cook, the more beautiful they are.
I like wet.
They melt in your mouth )!
It's time to make lentil soup.
Vegetables, cooked to absorb fat. salt.
Boil, reduce heat, sim2 hours, stirring occasionally.
Take down the salt from raw potatoes) and give it another 10 minutes. serve.
Good with Turkey and bread sauce.
Mix, but how is it made here if you can't buy a bag mix.
Add the onion dressing of milk.
Add a glass of bread crumbs of onion.
Season and heat again.
I admit I don't like it so don't do it.
There may be a little salt when it is re-heated. skin.
Always like to find.
I always buy a readyfridge.
The fruit plate served with ice cream was ready the night before. ).
Ingredients 1 pound fresh white bread 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon ground mixed spice 1 teaspoon ground salt 8 oz brown sugar 4 oz chopped mixed peel4 oz slightly 3 tbsp brand2 tbsp milk2 tbsp gold half syrup
Fill the two pans with water and put them in to boil.
2x2 pt pudding pot grease.
Mix dry ingredients together.
Put brandy, syrup and milk together and add dry ingredients.
Foil or pudding cloth, fixed with a rope.
Steady boiling of water
After 8 hours, remove from the steamer and cool. In a cool place
Steam for another 2 hours for Christmas. brandy or rum.
It's lovely to replace it with whipped cream. gravy.
Tear it off half an hour ago and bake it crispy to make the skin yellow ).
Let it represent at least 10 minutes, so work hard during your preparation time.
Take it out of the juice and put it on the platter.
Drain water if necessary.
Take out the filling and put it into the serving. lumpy.
Octopus at this point.
Oven for roast potatoes and Turkey.
Fryer are automatic, so they burn if you don't get them out in time. serving dish.
Your plate is heated in the oven and the turkey has just emptied.
Do you remember steaming the pudding?
An hour to an hour, or 10 minutes in a microwave (what a great invention ).
The oven was invented when I first got married.
Have a hot dinner and you can relax. later.
Traditional Christmas dinners are usually served, but we don't like to eat at home.
We found that what we liked was blackcurrant jelly, which went well with all the poultry and was available on sandwiches all year round. Merry Christmas.
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