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of the house restaurant dish last nights episode of hoarders on a and e on dish network

by:Two Eight     2019-07-27
"Ho product" aired on A & E on Monday nightA & E can be found on channel 118 on the Dish Network.So watching this show is like watching the accident on the highway.You just can't look away.Imagine that some people actually live like this, which is confusing to me.
Judging from the mental weakness that showed us the disease, last night's event was probably the worst.We have 21 years.Old Jack lives in a townhouse with his alcoholic father.The whole place is full of dirt and trash-a pile of empty wine bottles, dog hair everywhere, food wrappers-basically everything you can imagine is somewhere.
Jack knew he had problems and was frustrated with everything and he thought suicide was his only way out.Jack obviously has other psychological problems.For example, he refuses to throw away dog hair because he feels that doing so will speed up the life expectancy of the dog and cause the dog to die in some way.
This is not a normal, rational way of thinking.His stone is not helpful either.The cold drunk father initially expressed interest in getting help through his tearful confession to the camera, and as soon as she appeared she tried to destroy the therapist and told his son not to believe what she saidHe had already touched the bottom, and it looked like he was going to drag his son down.Jack asked his father to leave and the cleanup began.
In the course of his deportation, Jack had serious anxiety and often burst into crying, but he did have a brief moment, and he realized how absurd it was to live like him.The therapist at hand is good at completing the process with him and encourages him to hold things in his own hands and throw away things that have no purpose and need to be thrown (such as the above dog hair ).) At the end of the day, the townhouse was cleaned, but I think as long as Jack lives with his dad, he is constantly being dragged down.
I wouldn't be surprised if the same behavior happened again.Then we will introduce 74 years-old Shirley.She lives with her husband, Bailey, and her hoarding problems start to get out of control after a stroke and a loss of vision in the right eye.
Unlike Shirley, who hoarded cats, she hoarded cats.She estimates that there are about 20 cats living in her home and garage, and while most cats do not have names, she knows the names of each cat.There are a lot of messy boxes and trash in her house, but unlike other collectors, Shirley and her husband seem to care less about these things than they do with cats (and a few dogs.
Shirley felt the need to keep accepting more and more stray dogs, saying that one thing that brought joy to her life was to save the cats and feed them instead of letting them wander the streets.While she can't figure out exactly how many cats she has, it seems that she and her husband are taking out a lot of food so the cat has enough to eat.However, due to the fact that there are only six pets per household, Shirley is clearly in violation of the law and the authorities are required to clean up and collect cats.
The cat has basically taken over the interior of the house and destroyed it, and the wild cat is running wild in the garage.When the crew went through the disaster area, it was clear that there were more than 20 cats in the house.They found many dead cats, cats and skeleton remains in the box and under the box and in the garbage.
In the end, they found 76 cats from their homes, of which only 35 were still alive.Shirley was told she could have 3 cats, but she wanted to have more.Unfortunately, of the ten cats Shirley selected as her "favorite", nine of them had to be put down due to severe respiratory diseases because they all had respiratory diseases.
Finally, Shirley's house was cleaned and she was allowed to keep three cats.The authorities decided not to make any charges against her.I feel bad for Shirley and her husband because I know they didn't kill those cats on purpose.
They do their best and you can see that they are loving people.They are just overwhelmed, things are out of control, conditions have been upgraded to the point where no one or animal should live.Hopefully the next time Shirley wants to help a cat, she should realize that it's better to go to a shelter where she can get proper care.
But one thing that made her feel comforted and happy was taken away and I was sad too
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