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Nutritional Facts about Chorizo - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
Nutritional Facts about Chorizo  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
Sausage is a sausage that is very popular in Spain and Portugal.
If you don't know the food, here are some information and nutritional facts about this delicious dish.
If you have ever been to Spain or Portugal, you are sure to meet one of their most popular sausages, also known as chorizo.
Traditionally, there are many local varieties of pork as raw materials, but smoked Spanish peppers are the main seasoning, and their color is typical red.
If you add more kinds of peppers.
You can eat fresh or air.
Dry, be sure to cook before eating.
Sometimes it is cooked with cider or white wine.
Spanish cuisine, air-
The dried varieties are more popular and smoked and can be eaten as they are.
Due to the influence of Spain, the choir has also entered Mexican and American cuisine.
The varieties of Mexico are very different from those of Spain, and peppers replace peppers.
They can be grilled, fried, served as appetizers with cheese and olives, sliced and refrigerated in rolls and sandwiches, which goes well with alcoholic drinks.
It is an important source of protein.
Because beef and pork are the main ingredients, it provides non-
Essential amino acids required for the human body to repair muscle tissue.
This spicy pork sausage also provides thiamine to our body, especially when eaten with beans and lentils.
Thiamine is very important because it can help our body to use amino acids effectively.
If you want to improve the level of vitamin B12 in your body, they can be a good choice.
B12 is necessary for the healthy functioning of the nervous system and also helps the body absorb iron.
Another useful ingredient found in Chorizo is selenium, an excellent antioxidant.
Garlic is also the main seasoning that helps lower blood pressure and help the digestive system.
Nutritional facts of 1-1
The table below provides inches of pork and beef sausage.
The best sausage in Spain.
It is made of the best grade of meat, which comes from pigs that feed specifically the acorn.
Sausage, thick sausage, finely chopped meat, similar to the salami sausage.
, Shaped like brick, made of large pork tenderloin.
Sausage is famous for its horseshoe shape.
As its name suggests, the sausage is white.
Made with pork waist meat, seasoned with spices and garlic.
It is seasoned with strong garlic and can be eaten raw or cooked. .
The Bilbao sausage is from Bilbao and is native to the Basque country.
This is a semi-seasoned sausage. cured and air-
It's dry and tastes better with stews, rice and bean dishes. and are smoky-flavored.
Another hard sausage, either grilled or cooked on fire. .
The main ingredients are pork, pepper and wine, with different shapes and sizes.
Can be sliced to eat, can also eat flame
Cook in alcohol with a specially designed glazed pottery jar.
The Mexican sausage is mainly made of pork, drawing heavily on the uncooked varieties of Spanish sausage, although sometimes other meats such as beef and venison are also used.
Mexicans use ground meat, their sausages are much higher in fat, and their spices are different from those of Spain.
This sausage is almost always cooked before consumption, making full use of herbs such as peppers, garlic and oregano, cumin, etc.
Chorizos is a popular breakfast that is fried and mixed with eggs.
They also mix with fried beans and enjoy them with burrito and tortillas.
Chorus is popular in some parts of New England and the density of Portuguese immigrants is high.
It's a popular pizza.
In highly populated areas of Hispanic origin, sausages and fried potatoes are served for breakfast.
The choir is mainly popular in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia.
The Brazilian varieties are very similar to those of Portugal.
In Argentina, beef is sometimes used to make these sausages, and the taste is generally mild.
Most people in these countries eat cooked sausages wrapped in rolls.
In addition to pork, they prepare it with local spices.
And sausages made of beef, chicken and tuna.
Although sausage is a good source of protein and certain vitamins, it is not entirely a healthy food because it is sausage after all.
The saturated fat content is very high, it can improve the cholesterol level, is one of the main reasons for heart disease.
Lean meat if you want to reduce fat and calories.
But one thing is for sure, chorizos will be one of the most delicious and hearty foods you 've ever had.
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