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nshama to sell town square in dubai - - restaurant crockery suppliers in dubai

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
nshama to sell town square in dubai -  -  restaurant crockery suppliers in dubai
NSHAMA, a construction company behind the large development of Dubai's new town square, announced the launch of its 2nd-phase housing property.
Dubai builder NSHAMA's New Town home on the big city Plaza project is worth less than Rs 1. 2 Cr.
The development was launched last week and will complete the release of 1,000 3 BHK & 4 BHK Luxury town houses by the end of 2017, mainly due to construction arrears.
3 bedrooms, kitchen, luxury apartment with a value of less than 1 rupee.
7cr, measured below Rs 10000 per square foot, has a larger 4 bedrooms at Rs 2. 5 Cr.
"Our goal is to pay about Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 per month to middle-income people.
These people are now leasing & they don't have the funds to buy-this Announces a brand new market division, "said Fred Durie toldArabian Business, CEO of Nshama.
"We are looking for investment, but it is not a big advantage," he added.
We consider this price and we can build and sell and get a reasonable profit.
"We are very experienced in our proposal, so they are very good apartments and they have all kinds of sizes & to achieve this, we are looking for good products at value engineering at a reasonable price.
We have a good relationship with our suppliers.
"This type of residence is necessary for the 2021 visualization of 2020 World Expo in Dubai.
We also think it will be a big lifestyle project.
"It covers an area of over 750 acres and, in addition to a wide range of retail stores, hotels and commercial spaces, will eventually showcase more than 3000 town houses and 18,000 apartments.
The master plan also envisions a vibrant center with shopping and dining areas, squares, green belts, mosques, educational institutions, health care centers, recreational and outdoor sports facilities.
Previously, a contract has been signed with Vida hotel and restaurant to manage Vida City Plaza in Dubai hotel, and a joint development with Reel Cinema will see a cinema.
NSHAMA predicts that 85,000 people will work in the city square in less than a decade.
The program will feature an outdoor fitness center, a skateboarding venue, a children's playground, a peaceful green space, a social pool, and access to bike paths.
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